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  1. BRO! I’ve spent the past 2 days trying to figure this out and in 5 minutes I was successful in download MOS on my 2010 MB Pro! Was getting the error nonstop til I read this! THANK YOU! Downloading MOS as I type this!

  2. Many thanks Kurt. I have spent hours trying to upgrade a MacBook Pro early 2011 from Sierra to High Sierra with no success until I found your article.
    Step 4 and selecting ‘Option-Cmd-R’ for latest compatible macOS version did the trick.
    The whole process did take a couple of hours though.

    1. hey john! when i tried this method, i was stuck at a screen with just the apple logo, without a loading bar or anything else. how long did it take you before something happened?

  3. My mac has that folder with a question mark, so when I try to reinstall the OS with command and R, it’ll take me through to the 1 second left and I’ll get that “error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running the application again.”. I cannot do anything else but try and try again and it never reinstalls the OS (High Sierra). I did check the date/time and it was fine. I can’t get it started in safe mode, cause I have the folder with the question mark, etc.

    1. Did you happen to fix that problem if you did could you please show me how I can’t seem to fix mine I have the same problem

      1. Hello

        I was experiencing the same problem as you, Vai, Pritt, Jeff and Tom.

        I solved it by using

        “Method 4
        Turn off your Mac.
        Turn on your Mac and immediately press one of the keyboard combinations:
        – Option-⌘-R: This will update your Mac to the latest compatible macOS version.”

        It didn’t work the first time. The second time it worked.

        1. Howdy! I pushed those buttons and it sent me directly to a globe icon and then asked me for my wifi password. Did this happen to you? And if so what were your next steps?

  4. Option 4 got my Early 2011 vintage MacBook Pro to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra. That made it compatible with software required for my college math class. Thank you so much.

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