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  1. Hello,
    When I drive through one area my internet drops and so does my CarPlay. Then every few times this happens it doesn’t connect back right away. I get the cars Home Screen and it say CarPlay is running but it does not show my phone projection. I have tried clicking off the Bluetooth, the WiFi on phone, turning of my phone, but nothing works while I am driving to get my phone to project even though my car says it is projecting. Any ideas would be great. It is so frustrating.

  2. My Apple Carplay screen intermittently resets from good to blank to good again. Audio stays good. Troubleshot and found that an Original Apple USB to Lightning cable works great. No issues. I would suggest original Apple USB chord or maybe a MFI Certified cable, when hardired through USB to Apple Carplay. Toyota Rav4 Limited 2021

  3. I have a Seat Ibiza and this is the second time that I get Apple’s CarPlay icon (and support) removed from my infotainment system. Not sure why this happens but it is very easy to fix (even though it took me 2 weeks to figure it out): just navigate to System > Settings > Factory Settings > Infotainment.

    Apparently you can reset to factory settings individual modules in Seat’s infotainment and infotainment itself is one of them.

    I reset it to factory settings which took 1 second and Apple’s CarPlay icon appeared again.

  4. I have the new Toyota Yaris my Apple Play works but I can’t use the app icons to switch between apps it worked perfectly for 6 months then stopped

    1. For me it’s Yaris 2020… but my CarPlay can only support iPhone Xs. It will stop working times by times if I change into iPhone 12 pro…. really annoying when I need the navigation ><

  5. CarPlay was working perfectly in my 2021 Kia Soul. Then suddenly it has started disconnecting one of my apps after about 30 seconds. It also freezes up the app where it becomes unresponsive. I’m not sure what to do

  6. i have an Acura 2020 RDX and Apple Car Play has stopped working
    The only way I can get it to work is be doing a Factory Reset
    each and everytime
    I have brought it to the dealer 4 times with no success
    and called Apple and spoke to senior reps multiple times
    No one seems to have any answers
    at he dealer all of the staff have Androids and they work fine in my car
    If anyone has any suggestions that would be great

  7. Cadillac CT6 2019; getting multiple sources at same time (radio and music from iPhone) when CarPlay is engaged

  8. Similar issue here on a 2018 VOlt. It connects fine but as soon as I go to play music it disconnects. A few seconds later it reconnects with the same disconnect if I try to play music.

  9. 2020 70 plate Kia Niro.
    iPhone 6s+
    Phone connects via wifi (yes that is right) after about 1-5 mins message on car info system “phone is not responsive reconnect”.
    I have connected via media USB port (turned wifi off on phone) and the same message appears.
    Phone worked perfect before last iOS update and in a 67 2018 Vauxhall Zafira connected via usb.

  10. My Apple Car Play has worked perfect for the last year in my 2019 Honda HRV. All of a sudden it has decided to not connect when I plug in. Turn off the car & phone. Nothing. Randomly it works but not consistently. Weird!

    1. I’ve had similar issues ever since the last IOS upgrade — CarPlay worked seamlessly for 18 months in my 2018 Ford, and now it won’t play any audio at the same time I use Waze?

      1. Same here. I had to switch to Maps and now CarPlay also intermittently quits entirely. This happened the other day while I was relying on directions to get to my destination! It’s become wholly unreliable.

  11. My wife has a (new) 2018 Audi Q5. She ha a brand new iPhone SE and it is updated. At first the Car play would work intermittently. Now it does not at all. It does connect by USB so I know teh connection works, I have reset the phone and no joy. My iPhone X works fine so I know the car can work. Only weird thing is when I go to the CarPlay app on her phone it does not show a car (only shows how to wirelessly). My X does show teh car. The car does not have wirelsss CarPlay. Any ideas??

    1. got the same problem after the recent update. Audi A3 (2019): np wireless connection as well: my husband’s iPhone X works okay, but my new iPhone 11 pro max doesn’t 🙁 everything worked before the update

    2. Same issue here- 2018 SQ5 with new iphone 11. My iphone X works fine, wife’s iphone 11 is not recognized by Carplay. Nor does Carplay app show up on Audi display. Were you able to fix?

    3. Same here. My iPhone 6s charges but does not connect to CarPlay while wife’s iPhone 10R connects fine. Both phones used to work fine a week ago.

  12. I have a new Acura 2020 RDX. I tried everything but couldn’t get CarPlay to work. My daughter finally switched plugging in the cord from the USB outlet under the dash to inside the armrest and voila! success. Shouldn’t work that way, but at least now I have CarPlay working.

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