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  1. Hi I purchased an iPhone 13 mini I wasn’t fully satisfied with it and I either want to exchange it or get a refund

    1. You should contact Apple or where you bought it. You can contact Apple easily. We have a few articles regarding support options. Please use the search function and search our sire.

  2. The rings on my fitness app are not correlating with my exercise data. All suggested troubleshooting has been performed. I’m irritated because this watch was purchased 3 months ago and I had to wait several weeks to receive it. I don’t think a new watch should be sent to a repair station.

  3. I also tried to restore my iphone 7 in factoory setting but after restoring it says unable to activate

    1. I also have the same problem. My iphone 7 says no service or searching even if you restart it numerous times

  4. The smart keyboard for my Ipad Pro is not working, is there a way i can send it for repair?
    I purchased it in Singapore

  5. Ever since I updated Catalina, I started experiencing wifi issues with my Macbook Pro. My other Mac which runs on Mojave is able to connect to the wifi just fine, as is my iphone.
    I tried all the steps above to no avail.

  6. I’m trying to learn if a person can actually hack your iPhone and gain control over it and they have never come in, physical contact with the phone itself. Never touched it to be able to completely still gain control, and change your password ,or delete your emails even down load apps and put them on your iPhone and they do it with an android never touched it isn’t that’s cry

  7. After I updated my mac to Catalina I had some problems in Wifi connection. I used all solutions but It didn’t fix. my mac is Up to date (Catalina 10.15.3). I restarted my mac and my Modem many times. I removed my wifi connection and readd it again. but it didn’t fix. please help with that

  8. I did the steps mentioned in (Update Apple ID Settings (macOS Catalina), Fix), but I can not fix the error, so I signed out without in because it refused my password.
    Do you advice to establish another Apple ID, or waiting any IOS updating?

  9. My internet is wired and not using WIFI to download Catalina.
    I’ve owed a Mac since 1984. Never have I experienced so much aggravation downloading a system upgrade. My iMac is 019 edition. I do not use my Mac internal drive for private files. I’ve tried 5 times to download the upgrade. It’s become a travesty. Very unhappy with the Apple management. Very frustrated!

  10. My activity rings are not working. My activity is being calculated but when I quit it is not transferring to my activity rings

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