Apple Support: How To Get Help

This article explains how you can contact Apple Support, if you face problems relating to its products and services.

Depending on your locations, your support options and Apple warranties might differ.

This warranty provides hardware and software support. Most Apple devices come with a 90 day complimentary technical support warranty and a one year limited, hardware warranty; unless you buy additional warranties. You can extent your warranty up to two years by purchasing AppleCare+. Furthermore, these warranties are in addition to rights provided by consumer law which may differ from countries to countries.

There are basically two support types that Apple offers. There are also numerous ways you can contact Apple Support. Here are the available methods for getting support:

  1. Software (iOS, macOS etc) and service support (iCloud, Apple Music, Apps etc):
    1. Telephone support
    2. Live chat support
    3. Twitter support 
    4. Community support (Apple user forums)
  2. Hardware repair and replacement support (components or parts of your device, keyboards, mouses etc):
    1. Making Genius Bar Reservations
    2. Visiting an Apple Authorized Service Provider
    3. Sending your product to an Apple Repair Center

1. Community Based Support

Apple offers a support community and technical support forum. This forum provides answers through knowledge sharing. The forum is a great place to learn, share and troubleshoot. A lot of Apple users submit questions and answers. It is very busy. You can search other users posts or you can post your questions.

You can read the content without registering or signing in. However if you want to participate (if you want to submit your own questions or answers for example), you need to sign in. Sign in to Apple Support forums with your Apple ID. If you do not have an Apple ID, you can easily create one. Here is how you can access the forum:

2. Phone Support

Apple also offers phone support. There are two ways to receive this type of support (1) you can call Apple (2) Apple can call you, if you start your support request online.

  1. You can call Apple for support. Please have your product’s serial number ready. Your serial number might be located on the surface of your device. Or, on iOS devices or Apple Watch, go to Settings > General > About and on Mac go to  Apple menu (upper-left corner of your screen) > About This Mac > and then click the Overview tab. Here is the phone numbers:
    1. United States: 1-800-275-2273
    2. Canada (English): 1-800-263-3394; Canada (French): 1-800-263-3394
    3. You can view all phone numbers on Apple’s site.
  2. You can start a support request to receive a phone support. Basically you provide a phone number and Apple will call you. Note that you will need to enter your device’s serial number. Simply choose a product and then choose a topic and then select the phone support option. You can also schedule a phone call so that an Apple support technician will call you when it is convenient for you. Apple phone support

3. Apple Live Chat

Apple also offer live chat support. Live chat can be a convenient option for you. Apple will email you the chat transcripts so that keep an archive of your chats which may come in handy if you experience the same problem again. This way, your questions will be answered instantly. Here is how you can chat with Apple experts online.

Apple chat

4. Genius Bar Appointments

If you are having a hardware problem (e.g., your device is unresponsive, your Mac  screen is cracked, your phone’s home button is not working etc), you can make a Genius Bar appointment. If your location is far from an Apple Store, you can make a reservation at an Apple Authorized Service provider. This article explains how you can make a Genius Bar appointment.

Genius Bar Reservation

These repairs may take up to nine days. You can easily check the status of your repair online. You can follow your case online also.

5. Mail Support 

If you are having a hardware problem and if you do not want to set up an appointment at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider; this is another option that you may want to try. Simply you contact Apple (you may use any options described in this article to contact Apple), request a box and  mail your device to an Apple Repair Center. This option is available for most Apple products.

6. Twitter

You can get your questions answered via Twitter by simply tweeting your questions to @AppleSupport. Apple Twitter support is available everyday from 5am to 8pm (PT).

Apple Twitter Support

7. App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store billing Support

If you need Apple Store and iTunes billing supports (e.g., refunds etc), you can easily contact Apple. Simply choose your issue and select the support options available. Please note that you can cancel iTunes purchases and subscriptions easily.

What If Your Device Is Out Of Warranty

You can check your coverage online by simply entering your device’s serial number. If you are out of warranty, still contact Apple. However you may have to pay a service fee. So how much will it cost? Here are Apple’s fees:

  1. iPhone service pricing
  2. AirPods service pricing
  3. iPad service pricing
  4. Mac service pricing
  5. iPod service pricing
  6. Apple Watch service pricing
  7. HomePod service pricing
  8. Apple TV service pricing
  9. Apple displays service pricing

Please note that most issues can be resolved by just restarting your device. Also your issue may be temporary because some Apple servers might be down. You may want to check Apple System Status.

Lastly, this is not a support request, but you can also send feedback to Apple.

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  1. The rings on my fitness app are not correlating with my exercise data. All suggested troubleshooting has been performed. I’m irritated because this watch was purchased 3 months ago and I had to wait several weeks to receive it. I don’t think a new watch should be sent to a repair station.

  2. The smart keyboard for my Ipad Pro is not working, is there a way i can send it for repair?
    I purchased it in Singapore

  3. Ever since I updated Catalina, I started experiencing wifi issues with my Macbook Pro. My other Mac which runs on Mojave is able to connect to the wifi just fine, as is my iphone.
    I tried all the steps above to no avail.

  4. I’m trying to learn if a person can actually hack your iPhone and gain control over it and they have never come in, physical contact with the phone itself. Never touched it to be able to completely still gain control, and change your password ,or delete your emails even down load apps and put them on your iPhone and they do it with an android never touched it isn’t that’s cry

  5. After I updated my mac to Catalina I had some problems in Wifi connection. I used all solutions but It didn’t fix. my mac is Up to date (Catalina 10.15.3). I restarted my mac and my Modem many times. I removed my wifi connection and readd it again. but it didn’t fix. please help with that

  6. I did the steps mentioned in (Update Apple ID Settings (macOS Catalina), Fix), but I can not fix the error, so I signed out without in because it refused my password.
    Do you advice to establish another Apple ID, or waiting any IOS updating?

  7. My internet is wired and not using WIFI to download Catalina.
    I’ve owed a Mac since 1984. Never have I experienced so much aggravation downloading a system upgrade. My iMac is 019 edition. I do not use my Mac internal drive for private files. I’ve tried 5 times to download the upgrade. It’s become a travesty. Very unhappy with the Apple management. Very frustrated!

  8. My activity rings are not working. My activity is being calculated but when I quit it is not transferring to my activity rings


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