Apple Urges FCC To Recognize Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Apple’s recent filling with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shows that the company is urging the FCC should “recognize solutions such as the MFi hearing aid platform as alternatives for hearing aid compatibility compliance”. The FCC file shows that Apple argues that iPhone complies with FCC’s current HAC rules,  and MFI should be recognized as an alternative for hearing aid compatibility compliance.

FCC proposes new rules that all mobile phones, all consumer wireless devices and technologies in the U.S. should be compatible with hearing aids.

Apple says two main things:

  • FCC should recognize Made For iPhone Hearing Aids as an alternative for hearing aid compatibility compliance because (a) there are many MFI hearing aid devices available to customers (b) technologies like MFi Hearing Aid Platform Compliant may further the goal of alternative compliance approaches.
  • FCC should adopt qualitative assessments rather than current interference-based assessment approach to create meaningful solutions.

MFI (Made For iPhone) hearing air platform is a new bluetooth technology that connects directly to the iPhone or other iOS device without the need for intermediary transmitters.

See the FCC filing

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  1. So you have to buy Apple aids and shelf my Resound $6,000 aids? what is up with that? My aids are bluetooth compatible now but can not connect to my iPhone 6 at least I can’t figure out how at this point


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