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  1. Trying again. I don’t know why this is so impossible! This is too complicated for the average person. Need more help. Still says “Try again”. I am totally frustrated. Would like to throw these items off the deck. Tell me where I can take this to get someone to fix this problem!

  2. Maybe this will help somebody, but if you do a rough reset on both the unpaired watch and phone, go uninstall and deleted all data from the iwatch app. Then go to General >Transfer or Reset Phone>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

    Let it reset.

    Go to Wifi> Find your Wifi network>Click it and input password>Click on the “i” beside the network> Private Network(toggle it off). It will give you a Privacy Warning, but you toggle it back on once the update is complete.

    Reinstall the iwatch app. Pair your iwatch to your phone.

  3. Worked! Not sure which one it was, i had tried lots of restarts and region/language changes all day and nothing worked. I did low power mode, force restart of both, and actually removed my work device management from settings, and now it’s finally working. Not sure how apple can let this be such a common issue, they sell plenty of watches for them to prioritize this fix!

  4. With latest updates of iPhone 11 Pro (14.7.1), Apple watch series 4 (7.6.1), still not able to unlock watch after Face ID has unlocked phone; have to enter passcode to unlock watch. Any ideas?

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