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  1. success!!
    After trying all advice above and still no map, found the solution: on the iPhone settings>privacy>health>heartwatch>workout routes should be turned on (was off by default)

  2. Same problem, no workout route since the update. Tried all “fixes” without success. Workouts randomly don’t sync.

  3. This stopped working for me back in June 2020. I tried all the above “fixes” to no avail.

    Upgraded to a Series 6 and iPhone 12 Pro on the same day and hope the restore would work and get this working.

    Nope. Still busted and shows only the starting point.

  4. Same problem here: (Apple Watch 6, iOS 7.0.2, iPhone 6s, iOS 14.0.1) maps for my outdoor walk are not showing, lost old maps as well. Tried resetting watch/phone, unpairing and pairing back the watch, erasing the watch, erasing the phone. Also did reset calibration data and reset my network connection. Nothing works. On top of that I lose a workout sometimes (calories and minutes update, but workout not showing up on the list of workouts). My heart rate chart is sometimes unavailable as well. I had Apple Support check my settings, run diagnostics through my watch, everything is fine. I hope this will get fixed soon.

    1. Same thing here, received iWatch6 end Oct, had GPS route maps displayed & last week upgraded IOS. GPS route maps now not working. Seen blogs here re backup to iCloud method, lhave lots of videos & photos, & lots of contacts from 2010 restored successively previous iPhones, (iphone 10 latest).
      So, what is the Apple official fix & will next IOS upgrade fix this “automatically”!!

  5. Same problem here (Apple Watch5 IOS 7.0.2/Iphone XR just updated to IOS 14.0.1). Maps in the workout app are not showing. Neither is heart rate. I did two workouts today. high intensity and outdoor walk. High intensity showing, but doesn’t have heart rate. Walk is not showing

  6. Same problem here (Apple Watch3, OS 7.0.2/Iphone 7, IOS 14.0.1). Maps in the workout app are not showing. Even previous runs that I’m sure had a map, don’t show the routes anymore. Cycling, walking, running: nothing! The Nike Run Club app works fine and is still showing route data.

  7. i8plus os14.0.1 and watch 3 os7.0.1
    tried ewerything many times also tried deleted phone and watch as well and still didnt get map tracking, sadly it started with not measuring vo2max and after another update watch os to 7 stopped route tracking
    phone and watch are updated tried many types of settings also reseted several times, not talking about loosing my data due to investigation
    this looks like bigger bug

  8. I have successfully fixed this. I first restarted my watch and iPhone and that didn’t help. When news from Apple came out stating to disconnect the Apple Watch from the iPhone and reconnect it and restore it from the backup and then also reset the iPhone and restore it, I started with the Apple Watch first and did that since I didn’t want to have to reset my whole iPhone. So after disconnection the Apple Watch and reconnecting it and restore the Apple Watch backup, I did an Outdoor Walk and the GPS tracking worked again. Your mileage may vary, but it worked for me.

  9. Since update on iPhone and iwatch it has not recorded route on outdoor walking biking etc. Done all above and still no joy was working fine before update.
    I’ve iwatch 3 and iPhone X.

    1. Same here. I had an outdoor on 9/20 and it had the map and on 9/23, the map didn’t work as well as today. All I get is the start or end location, but not the path.

    2. Same here. All of my precious routes for workouts are gone. I’ve tried everything but resetting my iPhone. Is that seriously the fix?

  10. Maps not working on Apple Watch 5 when using the “Golf” workout. I’m beginning to think it does not apply to this workout type. It does work with “outdoor walk”

    1. Exactly my problem. On open golf I can see the course but my movement is static yet it registered heart rate, open walk gives the map but no heart rate ……… watch5

      Maybe need to ask a genius 🙄

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