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  1. It fixed my problem. Thank you SO much! And, btw, while I had the problem, the Calendar agent was using massive amounts on the Activity Monitor — nasty!

  2. It turns out there was something jacked up in my iCloud calendar. Your first step helped me enormously because I could trace down to which calendar it was. I signed out of iCloud, signed back in and the problem cleared itself up. Thanks!

  3. I just tried now most of the steps, in sequence (skipped the NVRAM and Safe Mode) and the Delete caches solved my problem. Thank you so much!

  4. For those who tried all the steps without success, I did too. But then I wondered if having deleted the caches might change the outcome of some of the earlier steps, so I redid “Refresh Calendars” to no avail, then I turned off Calendar in Internet Accounts again and restarted, and then turned it back on. FINALLY that fixed the problem

  5. For me – it seems as though the problem is related to having two Google calendars associated with Calendar. Remove one and the error goes away. Not an ideal situation, but since I don’t really use the second calendar it’s no great loss and it removes the PITA notification about the server error.

  6. I’ve tried all these steps. I still have the same problem. Also tried Disk Utility repair. I hope others can weigh in with how to fix this.

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