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  1. I have been having trouble with my iPhone and iPad. Following the instructions to force start both of them worked for me. Thank you!!

  2. I suddenly can’t open PDFs on iPad. It has worked great for over a decade. In the last few days it has started deciding to give me the middle finger. I’m talking about a massively huge 741kb file, like the damned thing is only half full.

    I think the issue is it is insisting on sending everything through iCloud which in my case is full and I am not paying for more. I just want to look at a PDF on my iPad while I do data entry on my laptop. This should not be an issue.

  3. There’s a much easier way and besides no, deleting apps like Centrelink is a bad idea since you have it there for a reason and will very likely need it again.
    So the easy way is as follows:
    1. Forward the un-opening pdf doc to Adobe Acrobat (you must have the Adobe Acrobat app already installed)
    2. Go to the Adobe Acrobat app and it will be there already where you can read it, print it or whatever

  4. I have the same problem in iPhone and iPad. I don’t have any of the apps mentioned and did restart…no luck! I need to open pdfs since most of my daughters school work is PDFs. HELP!

  5. Did all recommended steps w/ no success.
    Here is the msg I receive on both IPad and I phone:

    Please wait… If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document. You can upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Reader for Windows®, Mac, or Linux® by visiting For more assistance with Adobe Reader visit

  6. Since updating to IOS13.2.3 pdf files that appear in emails will not open. I can manage to get the PDF files in my email to open but it is a process. I only had to tap them previously and they opened. Now, nothing happens except I’m asked to download- I click on that & nothing happens.
    I checked and don’t have any of the apps that were described as causing interference such as Alibaba etc.
    I’m wanting to be able to click & open PDFs .. any suggestions!

  7. I have been having the same problem. It has been caused by the last update because I can open old pdf files but the latest pdf files will not open on my IPad. This has rendered this apple product redundant.

  8. So I couldn’t open PDF files on my iPhone 11. This advice fixed it. I deleted the Centrelink and alibaba apps then restarted. All sorted.

  9. Since updating to IOS13.2.3 pdf files that appear in apps will not open. If I go to my Icloud it shows they exist but won’t download. I can manage to get the PDF files in my email to open but it is a process. I only had to tap them previously and they would open in safari for viewing – now the page just opens to what ever open browser I have already opened but no pdf. If I tap the download arrow at the top of the page it shows they pdf as zero kb of the whatever size the doc is. If I tap the download button it goes to the browser but no document – just whatever open browser page was already there.
    PDF docs in my email offer two options “download” or “view” download does nothing view opens the document. But when I try opening a pdf from an app it only offere download and I get nothing as described above.

  10. I had the problem too, after upgrade from IOS 13.2 to IPad OS 13.2.3, I could nit open the pdf-file. I was able to save it like a document, and have a vuew after that, but this was not the best way. A few hours ago, a specialist read in one comment, that other users had same problems. We deleated the App WinZip and the App Alibaba from my device. After that, the programms works on the right way. Best regards, good luck.

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