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  1. I’ve enabled the debug drop down but the “Media Flags” option is missing from my list? I am using OS 10.11.6 I have very limited bandwidth due to remote location and the automatic video loading is incredibly annoying.

  2. It works for me but now my games won’t start. FB was easy to fix in settings, videos, change default to no. But my games! I have to go to debug to allow them to work. Is there another option?

  3. the problem I have is that it seems that the command is not being saved, did all the steps and no debug, when I go into the terminal is not showing the command, how can I make sure the command is being saved?

  4. Thanks! Easy! If I had to listen to that IBM Watson ad on CNN ONE MORE TIME I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions :\

  5. I did both those things but the video stills plays automatically after deleting spam in the yahoo mail folder

  6. one thing i’ve found is that youtube videos now open in fullscreen when you hit play. i found that if you choose “Video Needs User Action” from the drop down menu instead, it cures that, and the tendency of facebook videos to open fullscreen while still blocking autoplay…

    thank you so much! autoplay videos are a plague.

    1. Did you just close Safari? You need to “QUIT” Safari before doing the
      terminal command. I made that mistake myself and after “QUITTING”
      Safari and then issuing the commands it worked.

  7. Thank you so much for providing this update. I have been frustrated with the annoying interruption of sites when visiting., NO longer, thanks again.
    Like all others I am happy that I not forced or subjected to auto running of videos that I do not enjoy or want to watch.
    John 10 May 2017

  8. When I use this tip on youtube, it only works for one time. when click ‘related videos’ or go back to the last page, starts autoplay again. (MacOs Sierra, 10.12.4)

  9. “Serhat, the frustration saver” 🙂
    I was considering a class action lawsuit against autoplay supporting websites and ad providers for unauthorized use of my contracted ISP data, associated costs, wear and tear on hardware and productive time.
    Thanks Serhat!

  10. Thank you Serhat for solving this incredibly frustrating problem (I have no idea why sites use these types of videos — they absolutely drive people away). I was at my wit’s end trying various ad blockers and changing different Safari settings … this is the only tip I’ve found that effectively worked. Thank you!

  11. The menu “Media Flags” is missing from my dropdown menu in the Debug dropdown, making this tip useless.

      1. “Media Flags” option doesn’t exist in Safari Version 9.0.3 with El Capitan 10.11.3, either.


      1. Same with Safari in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5

        Other than an upgrade anyone have some other fix for this?

  12. After doing this I cannot open my Facebook game………I get this:

    Login Error: There is an error in logging you into this application. Please try again later.

    Please help!

  13. Thank you for this! I have noticed that the fix makes Facebook videos play fullscreen when clicking to start them, which I don’t really like, so I tried tinkering and found that checking “Video Needs User Action” instead of “Disallow Inline Video” seems to work better–just click on a video and it plays like normal. I’m not expert enough to offer advice to others, but maybe the author could comment on whether or not this is also a good solution?

    1. I switched to “Video Needs User Action” and this functionality works quite well. Thanks!

  14. Thank you for sharing this tip! Autoplaying videos are the most annoying thing when browsing – well not any more!

    1. I did all the steps and have checked disallow in line video, still auto plays, checked the require user action on video, still auto plays. el capitan is my OS.


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