How To Disable Voice Control On Your iPhone

Although Voice Control can be very useful, a common complaint we often get involves accidental ‘pocket’ voice dialing. Some people may also find this feature annoying. Therefore, you may want to turn it off.

You can use Voice Control or Siri. Voice Control can be activated by pressing and holding the Home button, only if Siri is turned off. This means that if you are using Siri, you cannot use Voice Control.

Voice Control lets you make phone and FaceTime calls and control music playback by speaking into the phone’s built-in microphone.


iOS voice control

Here is how to disable Voice Control on your iPhone:

Option # 1

1.The first thing you need to do is to set a passcode. You may have done this before. If you have not already, do this.

  • If you are using an iPhone 5s or later, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. If you are using a device without Touch ID (e.g., iPhone 4), go to Settings > Passcode

passcode set up on iPhone

  • Tap “Turn Passcode On”
  • Enter a passcode. This passcode is important. Do not forget it. You will now need this passcode when you (a) turn on your device (b) update your device (c) erase your device etc.

2.Now go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > and enter your new passcode then tap Voice Dial and disable Voice Dial.

turn off voice dial

Please note that Music Voice Control is always enabled this only turns off Voice Dialing.

Option # 2

You may also try this method. This method involves turning on Siri. Here is how:

1.Turn Siri on by going to Settings > General > Siri and toggle Siri on. Enabling Siri disables Voice Control. However Siri can also make accidental phone calls. To prevent this, you need to enable passcode (see option # 1).

2.Now go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, In the “Allow Access When Locked” section, toggle off Siri.

turn off Siri from locked screen

This means that to be able to use Siri, you have to enter your passcode thus it will prevent making accidental ‘pocket’ phone calls while your iPhone is in your pocket or handbag.

Voice Control is also available on iPod touch. You may use these methods if you want to disable Voice Control on your iPod touch also.

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52 thoughts on “How To Disable Voice Control On Your iPhone”

  1. Changing the Language to turkisk trick works!!!

    Go to Settings -> Siri. Enable Siri, change the language to either “Turkish” or “Hebrew”. Turn off Siri. No more Voice Dialing while pressing the Home button for too long.

  2. This voice control is fkin miserable… Siri sucks. Voice control is worse.
    I want a phone that leaves me the fck alone and stays a phone.

    All the bullsht I dont need.

    off w your fancy bs that gets in
    my way.

    Its the same for the laptops and trackpads leaping all over the place so fkin agrivating. I want a computer not a futurostic piece of sht that doesnt function proper.

    My next iphone will be a 4 or 5 pre voice control pre siri.

    And an ipod w no voice control.

    And a apple laptop 17″ off ebay.

    Its not the money,
    its the foolish progression of pointless endless features.

    I’d install a fkin chip in my arm if I wanted all this bs and i could be a robot.

    But I’m Human and prefer it that way.

    Figure it out.

  3. I don’t understand how some people have found Option 1 to work, yet others (like me) found it makes no difference. Voice Control still works even with a passcode. As I don’t want to turn on Siri, Option 2 is, well, not an option.

  4. hi.
    I’m using iphone 4 version 7.1.2
    it don’t have option of siri + voice control under pass-code.
    And i’m fed up with only voice control. I just want to disable it. where can i find it?

  5. i am travelling in Kenya and this machine has taken over and I am stuck. I have flights in 2 hours and meetings and the stupid machine is not allowing me to receive information or get pas the first stage of using password to get to messages from email.
    I am so frustrated and regret I bought an iphone and used it for the first time on a business trip. very disappointed should I because of this miss flights and appointments will take it up with Apple
    it seems many have had this experience and Apple should have sorted this by now

  6. Go to Settings -> Siri. Enable Siri, change the language to either “Turkish” or “Hebrew”. Turn off Siri. No more Voice Dialing while pressing the Home button for too long.

  7. Apparently there is NO WAY to turn off voice control when music is activated!! WTF? This is such a pain. I haven’t been able to use my headphones in weeks and it’s calling random people!!


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