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  1. I tried the killall dock through the terminal and it didn’t work, i tried the command option D and that didn’t work. what did work for me was going to disk utilities and running the first aid button. as soon as i ran it and saw the green check mark and hit the ok button. the dock started working properly again. i hope this works for you guys as well

  2. Dock was visible in Safe Mode. The 3 finger swipe works but is annoying. Removing the PLIST did not help.

    I have found that i can open a terminal session and do a killall Dock. The dock will return and function until I restart. It stays when I sleep. It only disappears on a restart.

    1. As Jason said, going to disk utilities and running the first aid button helped and now the doc is visible.
      To access the Disk Utility in macOS, just press Command+Space to open Spotlight search, type “Disk Utility” into the search box, and then press Enter. Then press on first aid and you’re all set!

      1. Thank you VERY MUCH! this is what worked for me… Disk Utility and First Aid. When First Aid was done running, I Clicked done, and the dock did not immediately reappear. i had to hit Command+Option+D, and then it reappeared.

        I have not shut down or rebooted yet. HOPEFULLY, the dock will stay back!!!!

        I use an external monitor as well. My problem has been that ever since I upgraded, I am missing the dock every time I start up. I have 2 external monitors; one at work and another at my home office. I fixed this problem (temporarily) while hooked to my monitor at my home office. That was done by going to dispaly properties and changing the “turn dock hiding” on & off multiple times. I had to turn it on and off (toggle the check box) many times before the dock appeared, and I may have had to do a restart, I can’t remember. However, that method hasn’t been working to fix the problem while connected to my monitor at work (as I am now).

        Since I work out of both offices, and on the road with my laptop… I typical shut it down for transport almost every time. I have been loosing the dock every time.

        I hope this fix sticks with the next shut down and reboot.

  3. After installing Catalina I experienced this problem but by using the shortcut Command+Option+D the dock opened and the problem never occurred again

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