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    1. just do the same thing but rename to “lockscreen.png” and move it in the /library/Desktop Pictures/

  1. macOS is really getting worse with every new release since the flat look. It’s more locked down, and virtually zero way for users to customize it the way they want it. It should not be this complicated just to change bloody login screen. What a joke! 👎

  2. The method in the article worked for me. I used a quick cheat though: I replaced the Mojave image with my standard desktop background, looking up its name in the System Preferences panel, finding the associated image in the Desktop Pictures folder, then duplicating and renaming as above. This should work with any of the standard desktop pictures and avoids the need for any resizing.

  3. Now it works! I both replaced Mojave.heic in /Library/Desktop Pictures/ AND saved my photo in /library/caches as “”. It seemed to take several re-starts before it caught.

    1. OMG, I literally did ALL the steps that EVERYONE here mentioned and it still didn’t work out for me at all. Ugh!

  4. This no longer seems to work:

    Save your photo in /library/caches as “”.


      1. How do you think this would damage the computer? You are replacing a virtually identical file for the system to pull.

  5. I have seen several articles on the internet that suggest that APPLE changes the
    way they display a login screen with EVERY sub-release since 10.14.2
    Obviously APPLE doesn’t like our efforts ….

  6. At point 3 above: renaming makes no sense: you got to CONVERT to .heic format,
    f.i. by Preview-> export.
    … didn’t work either …..

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