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  1. why does my photos not load it says ” Unable to load Photo” an error occured while loading a higher quality version of this photo

  2. I’ve been using Overdrive on my IPad 2 until 3 days ago and it just quit responding. I then downloaded Libby suggested by my local library and I can’t get Libby to connect to my library. It will download on my iPhone 7.

  3. Once AGAIN I’m experiencing problems messaging. Even after rebooting I’m receiving “iMessage needs to be enabled…”. Once AGAIN, iMessage IS ALREADY ENABLED. This incredibly annoying issue pops up every few months for no apparent reason. It eventually clears itself, but I’m unclear as to the source OR the solution. Ideas???

  4. WiFi shows 5 bars on my MacBook Pro and all of my apple devices. Both the built-in and external cameras on MacBook will no longer connect to FaceTime. Neither of the cameras are even shown as an option under Privacy & Security. No problems with Photo Both or Zoom. I have been using FaceTime for years and never had this issue until 2/8/21. I have been using FaceTime extensively during the pandemic and I want it back!

  5. I just updated with the new macOS Big Sur and now my iMac 17,1 will not let me accept the terms and conditions, (even if the pop up stats I must accept) my internet, app store and iCloud will not work. My user sign in work but my admin is down.

  6. mine still doesnt work after i updated it and i checked the other thing and it says factime is available so idk

    1. My Apple ID in the settings app on my iPad turned gray same with messages and FaceTime I restarted my iPad and that didn’t work so I checked my internet connection and it was fine I didn’t know what was going on with my iPad

    1. Having similar problem. Apple ID is active but iCloud page Shows repair at bottom of screen iCloud page but I have to sign into iCloud using Apple ID. Can’t figure this out.

  7. If this is a bug in an upgrade why do we have to lose work time fixing it? Apple needs to fix their up grade. I’m getting nervous about the security of my information.

  8. I’m trying to downgrade and stop my monthly payment on the cloud. It won’t let me tap free and the done button is grayed out. I’ve tried on several devices and I’m still having the same problem. I’ve restarted the devices as well. Still unable to tap to save the change.

  9. Can not connect to App Store or several apple websites, from multiple devices Everything else on devices work’s fine

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