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  1. What is the limit of numbers in a group text that has both apple and android users. We want to set up a neighborhood group text but it is about 45 numbers…need to know what the limit is please.

  2. I don’t want group messages and I didn’t create these groups but now I have them. How do I get rid of them?

    1. At the top where it lists the number of people in the group text, click on that and it opens a drop down list — scroll down to HIDE ALERT and set that! You will still get the texts but no alert

  3. I set up groups on for iPhone texting. It worked fine, but I had to send the messages in smaller groups, as the group was apparently too big. After yet ANOTHER iPhone update, it stopped working. I went back to and changed the group to smaller groups. It appears that group texting is totally not available unless it is done manually. With such a large group this is not possible. Why has this feature been removed? How can I get this back?

  4. I was put in a group message text and all the people are showing with phone numbers, not names. So when anyone sends a text or reply I have no clue who is talking. Most of the names in the group message are already in my contacts so I don’t understand why at least those names aren’t showing up.

  5. I have a group text that includes someone with a gmail address but they are not getting the messages. Anyone know why this might be happening?

  6. I had a new group text iMessage that I started creating but had to look at info on next contact ~ it said ‘cancel’. I did. Now when I type same contact, it’s not just putting name at top, it’s including a prior text with that person. Need to start typing name and it was automatically showing them with no prior text with the contact.

  7. Is there a way to delete groups? For instance, if I type my brother’s name to send him a text I get several group texts he is on but not him individually. He is not on an ios device.

  8. Can remove individual FB Private messages from group texts? I know those who read them will already be able to read them, but Id like to add a new person, but will that new member be able to read old texts which I’ve removed before adding them?

  9. PART 1 – I followed instructions I found in a video to setup a group in my contacts in my iPhone. So, now when I go to my contacts list at the top the words Groups appears. When I touch that it shows choices of All iCloud, or the group that I created, each with a check mark next to them. If I touch the group it unchecks All iCloud, then I click Done in the top right and the list is the people I added to that group.

    PART 2 – How do I send a text to that group? When I open my text box and click the box with the pencil in the top right corner to start a text, the New Message window opens with the TO: to add recipients. To the right of that is a + that I can click and check the box of the group I named, which then gives me the list of everyone in the group, but I have to add them one at a time.

    Here is my question. Is that the only way I can do this, or is there a way to just type the group name in the TO: line to send everyone in the group a message without having to select each individual every time?

  10. How do I send a group message but set it up where all replies only go to the sender and not to everyone in the group like you can do on android

    1. That IS the way group SMS messages work. ONLY the sender sees the reply (unfortunately). I would like tyo have ALL members see ALL replies, but that is not how it works for me.

      1. I don’t want members of the group to see the others replies. But if I try to send a group text to people who are all on iphones it wont send unless I have imessage turned on. In which case everyone can see the replies. How can I change this?

  11. How can I set up a group of contacts for texting WITHOUT sending a ‘text’ at this time. I only want to have the contacts there when it becomes necessary.

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