How to Find the Power Button on your Mac

Are you wondering where the power button is on your Mac? Every Mac has a power button. The power button can do basically three basic things:

  • Turn off your Mac and on.
  • Force shut down or restart your Mac if your Mac is unresponsive.
  • Use to start your Mac in different modes such as Safe Mode, Recovery Mode, startup options, etc.

If your Mac is new, you may be having issues locating the power button. The location of it may differ based on the model. Sometimes, the power button may have a power symbol or an eject symbol on it or sometimes the power button may not be labeled because it is combined with Touch ID. The shape of the power button can also be different on different Mac models. It is sometimes circular, pill-shaped, or square. In this article, we explain how you can locate the power button on your Mac.

Mac Power Buttons

MacBook Pro models that have a Touch Bar

These models have the combined power buttons. In other words, the power button is embedded in Touch ID. The power button is also Touch ID, which is located on the right side of the Touch Bar at the top of the keyboard, above the Delete key. It is unmarked and black.

Power button location on MacBook Pro that has Touch Bar

MacBook Air models introduced in 2018 or later

They also have a combined power button. Touch ID is the power button. Again it is blank and black. It is located on the right side of the function (F1, F2, etc) keys at the top of the keyboard, above the Delete key.

MacBook Air Power button location

All other MacBook models

All other MacBook Air and Pro models have the power button which is the key in the upper right corner of the keyboard. The power key also contains a power or an eject icon. On some of these, older models, the power button is a circular button.

Older MacBook models power button


There is a range of iMac models and it is easy to find the power button on iMac and iMac Pro models. The power button is circular. It is located on the back of your computer. When you look at the front of your iMac, the power button is located in the lower left-hand corner.

iMac power button

Mac Pro

Mac Pro models have the power button on the top of the computer. It is a circular button.

Mac Pro power button

Mac mini

On Mac mini models, the power button is also circular. It is located on the back of the computer. When looking at a Mac mini from the rear, the power button is located on the far-left side.

Mac mini power button

Mac Pro (Rack)

These Mac Pro models have a pill shaped power button which is located on the front of the computer.

Mac Pro Rack power button

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