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  1. Horrible customer service. I am 71 years old. My new apple phone has 5-6 problem & my new iPad & phone aren’t compatible. I need hands on since it is multiple issues I need help but no one cares. Waited 2 1/2 hrs at at&t store only to be told to go to apple store. Also on sons account but get texts to set up my own account to pay. My phone was cut off. I fill I had a glitz on my past phone & don’t want to transfer to the new phone it is so complicated !!! that is why I need help. Impossible to make appointment. I am not Savy enough to do changes myself form texting me instructions. What a mess.By the way new iPad delivered with no SIM card. Steve Jobs would die again if he knew how awful this company is now. Invested all this money in products & no help to solve problems, they only want to sell sell. My son has all his family & employee on apple products & spends thousands, I will never go with apple again. They make it too hard because they just want you to give up frustrated & go away. This company & this world gone to the dogs!

  2. I have 2 different devices that need new batteries (iphone and computer). Shoudl I make 2 appointments at the genius bar?

  3. Making Genius Bar appt online is non-existent using my MacBookPro. Went to the suggested Apple web site (url: and after clicking through several pages….ABSOLUTELY NO LINK TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! Needed to go to Genius Bar based on recommendation of wonderful Apple support tech i spoke with online but we could not solve the problem.

  4. Trying to make an appointment for the genius bar is an absolutely horrible experience. My wife and I have each wasted a huge amount of time trying to talks to a PERSON. No one is available. Why should I have to drive to a store to make an appointment?

  5. Unlke Laura (above) I live 35 minutes from the nearest Apple Store. Why should I have to drive there in order to sign up for Genius Bar appointment? More to the point, why does my Apple store (Christiana Mall Delaware) no longer include on its web site an easy-to-find list of Genius Bar offerings in the store on a monthly or bi-monthly basis? Sign me frustrated.

  6. This was so helpful! I tried on the Apple site to make and appointment online and gave up. Found this and was able to make an appointment in less than 5 minutes! Thanks so much!

  7. I feel your frustration! I happen to live about seven blocks from an Apple store. I stroll over there, find the appointment maker and make the appointment right there and then. You have the choice to wait, probably an hour, (sometimes much less), for service, or you can make an appointment for another day. On the appointed day and time you then return and are escorted almost immediately to your “genius”. How civilised!

  8. I need to cancel my appointment that I made for the Apple Store at the Trafford Centre for 12.55 on Thursday 20th Dec’18.

  9. Bought an Xr was told it would come with an ATT sum card. It did not. Was told my 6se would not work. Spent almost 3 hours in the phone getting different answers. If I can not activate this on Friday I will return it

  10. My I phone is locked again–I need an appointment at the Spokane Store–How do I do this
    I can not find a phone number( land line ) for the store.

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