How To Open & Use System Information On Mac

Your Mac includes a very useful built-in app, called System Information, that allows you to view a summary of information about your computer. This app is a system profiler included with macOS that displays hardware, network, drivers, and software information about your system. This short article teaches you how to open and use the System Information app on your Mac. This information can be viewed, saved, printed or sent to Apple.

This app provides a comprehensive overview of your Mac. You can find this summary very important and useful. For example;

  1. This information can help you solve various problems that you are having with your computer, meaning you can use this information to diagnose and troubleshoot Mac issues, this includes hardware, software, and network-related issues. For example, you can open the System Information app to learn more about your Macbook’s battery health.
  2. Reviewing your Mac’s hardware and software specifications will help you buy the right hardware and software so that you can completely make sure that they will work your Mac.

How to open System Information in macOS

Mac users can open the System Information app using a number of different ways. You can choose any of them. Here is how you can get a system report:

  1. Go to Apple menu > About This Mac and click the Overview tab and then click the System Report button.System Report
  2. Alternatively, press and hold the Option key, and while holding the key, click Apple menu and then System Information. System Information
  3. On your Mac, go to Finder > Applications > Utilities and then click the System Information icon. System Utilities
  4. Alternatively, open the Spotlight app, and type System Information and hit enter. Spotlight system information

How to use the System Information app

Once you open the System Information app, you will see a window like this:

System Information App

There are three basic categories (see the left menu):

  • Hardware: Installed or connected hardware such as printers, USB, Camera, Graphics, etc.
  • Network: Network connections such as Wi-Fi, Firewall etc.
  • Software: Installed software including the Mac OS etc.

Each category has many related subcategories. You can get even more detailed reports also. To do that click File > Show More Information. You can also change that back to shorter reports by clicking the File > Show Less Information.

Show More Report

You can print this report by going to File > Print.

System Information Print

You can also save this report on your computer by going to File and then Save.

Further, Apple may ask you to send this report when you contact them for support so that Apple can fully understand and efficiently solve your problem quickly. To send your System Information to Apple, click File and then click Send to Apple.

You can use Activity Monitor to obtain information about your Mac’s memory.

You can use Network Utility to explore your network.

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3 thoughts on “How To Open & Use System Information On Mac”

  1. I’m running a MacBook Pro 2015 model with Big Sur and my Bluetooth has been disabled. There is no Bluetooth Pane in system preferences and “no information found” in System report. I’ve tried to reset the Bluetooth module but has no effect. The and Bluetooth.prefPane files exist and appear to not been changes/corrupted. Any idea what I can do?

  2. I can no longer access system information on my imac. When I click on ‘About This Mac’, nothing happens. When I go to Finder, Applications and try to open ‘System Information’, I get the message ‘The application “System Information” is not open anymore. Hope you can help.


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