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  1. Would be nice to have an app that would take care of this automatically. I am on spectrum at home and my phone still uses data sometimes instead of wi-fi. Don’t know what to do except to turn data off and leave it off until I need it.


    1. In case you are not aware off, Android OS has option to set cellular data limit besides enable/disable data.But then you need to get an Android phone. Some even have dual SIM and dedicated micro sd card slots, so I can have 2 whatspp accounts and 2 facebook accounts and I can have more storage via the sd card as well. And finally at a much lower price compared to an iPhone of similar features for some models. Good luck and keep safe in these trying times.

  2. This is great! Thank you. Hopefully this helps my data usage to go down and not go over the limit. It can be quite costly. Thanks for your help!

  3. Crossing my fingers this helps. We Currently don’t have WiFi access at home. My son is burning thru his data mainly using that Tik Tok app. So hopefully all these suggestions will save some data usage.

  4. This is terrific. My phone is eating data like crazy and it costs us so much money. I had everything turned on. My AT&T usage showed it is my phone that is the culprit. I’m looking forward to seeing how much less I use now. Thank you.

    1. The phone companies are data theives! I think they turn it all on remotely when you sign up. The more data you sign up for the more data your phone uses!!

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