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49 thoughts on “iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo With Spinning Wheel (Black Screen), Fix”

  1. The quick volume buttons and hold till spinning wheel disappears worked for me too. It turned out that I also was in low power mode when it booted back up. IPhone 11 Pro Max.

  2. My phone is still not working. I don’t have the spinning wheel just the apple logo. What can I do? I am freaking out!!!!!

  3. Thank you so much to the person who said to do the quick volume buttons and then the power button for longer. Miracle! Thank you so very much.

  4. The procedure for Force Restart didn’t work for me. Black screen with spinning wheel, but try as I might, pushing the Vol Up, Vol Down, Holding the Power button changed nothing.

    It wasn’t until it continued spinning overnight and drained the battery completely — only then, as soon as I plugged it into the charger, it started up normally upon holding the Power button and everything was fine.

  5. Repeat those steps more than 5 times. I did it correctly and was patient with holding the power down button each time several minutes. Then after maybe 3 min repeated it and by the 6th time it worked. Thanks so much!

  6. I literarily freaked out when it happened to my iphone 11 pro max ! Thanks for saving me! The press volume up and down and long press power worked! Thanks so much!


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