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  1. My iPhone 11 Pro Max stopped ringing and vibrating on phone and messages, only a couple weeks ago. I am deaf on one side so the vibration alerts me to the ring.
    I found hapatics on the phone and it was off. I turned on. What will this do, so I know when it happens.

  2. Hi, I noticed that you said that some users say that turning off the haptics doesn’t turn them off, and you think that’s because the haptics are so subtle and natural that these users can’t tell whether they’re on or off. The reason we say it doesn’t work is because it doesn’t turn ALL the haptic features off, like when you long-press on a link to open in a new tab, which I do all. the. time. There are also still haptics when you install a new app. To people who want the haptics off, this button doesn’t do what it says it will.

    This article also seems biased, like when you said that if you turn your haptics off, the quality of interaction with your iphone will be diminished. I don’t understand why you think people would turn off the haptics if they didn’t want them off in the first place. The people who want it off are trying to improve their relationship with their iphone, not diminish it.

    1. You did teach me how to turn off all vibrations though, so thank you for that. I’m so glad to finally have relief from all the haptics. I was about ready to buy a new phone.

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