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  1. I encountered this issue on my Windows 10 desktop server with an iTunes 12.1 restore. I did not explicitly set a password when I created the iTunes backup and did not realize it would be encrypted. I did find that the default password used to encrypt is my Windows Admin password.

    I hope this information helps some people.

  2. Hey, thanks for the wonderful video.
    In my case, I have iPhone SE 1st edition’s encrypted backup on my MacBook and that phone is dead now, I don’t have access to it now. Now, I bought new iPhone SE 2nd edition and as I have forgotten iTunes backup password , I am trying to find a way to stay alive 😛
    Please, help if u have any solution for me.


    Prashant… 🙂

  3. If you need to find the password, I opened the Keychain Access and searched for iPhone backups, the clicked on “Show Password.”

      1. Go into “spotlight” and search “keychain access” then the “app” should open and then just search “iphone backup” or whatever

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