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  1. My wife’s devices are all getting “infected” with the message “Open iTunes” and none of the published suggestions work.
    Her devices are an Apple Computer, an Apple iPad and an Apple iphone.

    Please give me the simplest way forward as we are sick of “hitting a brick wall”

  2. I forgot my password and now everytime I change password idk the computer times out or does not save password cannot even shut down itunes plz send help?

  3. This is not a good answer. I don’t even have iTunes on a computer. Just on my I phone. And it keeps playing at random times.

    1. Sorry but this is not a good question, or even a good understanding of whatever issue you’re having.

      iTunes is only available for computers. I have no idea what it is that “keeps playing at random times”, but I promise you that if it’s in your iPhone, it’s not iTunes.

      (Perhaps the Music app? Or a third party music player? Or -less likely – the iTunes Store app?)

      1. Nope, I have the same issue. The iTunes app on my iPhone opens randomly. Sometimes when I open my phone the screen shows a song that is cued to play, or sometimes it is just on!?

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