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  1. Guys I have been trying to resolve this bullshit from morning and now its 6pm and finally I managed to figure out the solution, I have gone through all the docs and blogs and youtube and bla bla bla .. nothing worked.. Finally somewhere I found this keychain access and luckly the word “preferences”. I went there and selected file-preferences, something showed “set to default” I clicked okay, then I moved to my app store and tried to login, it showed something set to default again, I clicked okay, then that pre-filled apple id is gone and blank text boxes appeared, I entered my appleId and pass without any hope, then surprisingly it worked and I saw logout option instead of login in app store. I don’t know it will help someone. But it worked for me.

    1. Can you be a little more specific? You enter keychain access, where preferences show up? you mean the upper menu > keychain > preferences?
      I´m losing my mind trying it

    2. OMG, Thank you so much. finally figured it out at 4:24am in the morning. Try everything and use your method but confused, then try again for the last time, and it works. It’s been trying me crazy for months. Thank you

      P.S for anyone that confused with the instruction: Open your keychains window->go to upper left corner(Keychain Access, Select->Preference->Select Reset My Default Keychains. Then open your Appstore.

  2. My problem is that I’m on an old iMac (mid 2011) with old OS (Mountain Lion).
    I’m trying to upgrade to High Sierra (which is free and compatible to my model), but I’ve never used the App store before and it won’t let me download it until I have upgraded my software.
    Catch 22!
    Any solution?
    Many thanks

    1. i just had harddrive crash on my imac mid 2011. installed new SSD-harddrive. to update to high sierra, you have to press and hold cmd+alt+r when booting up. This is starting Internet Recovery and you will be able to update to High Sierra, as it is the latest version compatible with our old macs.

  3. Sometimes a silly thing such as installing updates is missed. I installed the updates and it worked, kudos for this article!

    1. Well, to install updates it needs to connect to the app store. I’m having this problem precisely because I’m trying to update and it won’t connect.

  4. I had a similar problem (although the computer would freeze whenever I tried logging in with my Apple ID) after installing a new hard drive, loading El Capitan from a bootable flash drive with the installer file, then upgrading to High Sierra. I tried all of this with no success, and finally called Apple. After several attempts, it was decided the best thing to do was to boot into OSX Recovery mode, use disk utility to erase & reformat the entire hard drive, then reinstall High Sierra while still in recovery mode. This seems to have worked well — at least it fixed the Apple ID problem!

  5. Same problem, Proxies tab didn’t fix it for me. Also Creative Cloud (Adobe) can not connect either. All other internet apps work — browsers, torrents, mail app, etc.

  6. This happened for me on 10.10.5 and I kept getting the “cannot connect” message no matter what I tried. The issue for me was that I recently had downloaded and started using a proxy server (Socksharex), and it changed my network setting connection preferences; it kept trying to access the proxy server, even after I had realized that I didn’t want the proxy server and deleted it and its app. This is how I fixed it:

    >System Preferences
    >Advanced (bottom right corner)
    >Select the “Proxies” tab
    >Check “Auto Proxy Discovery” and uncheck “SOCKS Proxy.”

    Problem solved.

      1. How you did I spend 13 hours I can’t after format I can’t access my iCloud to App Store and can’t get new update ?

    1. this finally worked after searching the entire internet, spend about 4 hours until i found this thread.

    2. Hallelujah! This worked after months of no internet radio or being able to access iTunes account. I think some software uploaded at the same time as an innocuous download for pdf reader one time and it screwed things up since then.

    3. THANK YOU !! This is what finally worked after wasting hours to sort this issue out.

      I was about to reformat my entire Drive and do a fresh re-install of the High Sierra OS.

      Thank u Thank u Thank u



    5. Hmm, this appeared to work for a lot of people but not for me. Auto Proxy Discovery is checked and SOCKS Proxy is unchecked, nothing changes, cannot connect to App Store.

    6. WOW. I have been dealing with this issue for the past year and tried so many different solutions and this finally worked! THANK YOU

    7. After weeks of not being able to access the iTunes store James’ solution has got me up and running again. Thanks so much. I had tried at least 30 supposed solutions before this.

    8. I just tried this after a week of trying to get beck into iTunes, and it worked. I have High Sierra 10.13.6 (2011 MacBook Pro).

      Thanks for the tip.

  7. AWESOME. I have looked all night for a solution to this. Thank you!
    I tried virus checkers. Malwarebytes. I’ve spent HOURS looking for the solution.

  8. On my MacBook Air I have tried clearing the cache, restarting, and following the steps above. However, I still get the message “CANNOT CONNECT TO THE APP STORE; an internet connection is required”
    My connection is good (otherwise I couldn’t get on the internet to try to solve the problem) but I still cannot access the App store. I can access anything else, but just not the App Store. (I have no problem accessing it on my iPhone.)

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