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    1. Did you find out if this was the problem? I am having the same problem today and yesterday was the first time that I ever used iMovie.

    2. I was using the flickers and then my computer froze. restarted the computer. then suddenly, odd colors started PPEARING..GREEN TINGE..TURNED RED..AND THEN YELLOW..THEN BLACK AND WHITE..THEN FINALLY STABILISED LATER. ( this was happening as if the computer was trying to work itself around for color matching)
      Once it stopped happening, the computer now flickers (not flashing) in a manner how sometimes phones with low battery act.
      I have tried everything and it still cannot get resolved.
      it however stops happening when I start it in safe mode.
      also in regular mode, If I leave it on standby for sometime, a flicker occurs as if the backlight is loosing power but as long as the mouse cursor is stops happening.
      I tried upgrading to Catalina but update fails.
      Reinstalled Mojave. it reverts back to original mode.
      and this low level flicker which looks like lcd trying to refresh is driving me insane.
      it becomes more pronounced in iMovie.
      also colors were all off and I had to recalibrate in expert mode to get back ..but still I have an over saturation and hue.
      Any solutions for this?

      1. i have the same issue with my laptop, can someone kindly tel me how to fix it,tried all the options mentioned,non seems to Workers

      2. I have this exact same issue on a 2019 MacBook Pro. It’s driving me nuts. I have a red tinge on my screen as well and I’m a photographer, so that’s a major blow

  1. My Mac is just randomly flashing all sorts of colours, and sometimes weird black lines will appear all over the screen…

  2. How can I do any of that when I can’t even see the screen at all? It doesn’t even show parts of the screen it just completely looks like this . I tried the PRAM thing and that didn’t work but none of this other stuff I can try ? Please help 🙁

  3. I have the same issue on a MacBook Pro (15”, 2019) 2,3 GHz Intel Core i9 16 GB. Could not be solved with SMC / NVRAM resets. The flickering appears on the login screen and different occasions, such as when looking at videos on Firefox. A fix from Apple is most welcome…

  4. Hi
    I have 2019 model Mac book pro 15 inch bought just 3 months ago. Customized model – 32 GB ram, 2.4 GHz and 2TB storage. Screen flickering started 1 week later and frequency increased. I took to Apple store. They tried hard but couldn’t resolve the issue. They changed mother board, after 7-10 days , it started flickering again. It does not happen with videos but happens with text files like pdf. Any opinion?

  5. Hi I have a 10.13 MacBook (2015, 12 inch) and I have a glitching issue on my whole screen, it’s really bad and makes it hard to read work since it’s constant

    1. Not sure if you got your laptop fixed or not, however my wife 2015″ pro 15″ had bottom half of the screen flicker every 3-5 seconds. The way I fixed it was disconnected battery cable and LCD screen cable next to power port. Reconnect and all fixed. I had to do it a few times, each time I blew out the dust at the LCD connector. I kept the battery disconnected for about 5 min at a time. Hope that helps.

  6. None of these things worked for me on my late 2019 Macbook Pro 16. In the end I resorted to trying a ‘burn-in’ method that had worked for me on other electrical equipment exhibiting funky behaviour in the past. Basically, I charged the device to 100%, set screen brightness to 100%, then ran a 3D game (there are also free GPU benchmark tools available) on high settings until the battery died. Over the ~2 hours of pushing the Macbook to its limit, the screen flickering slowly reduced to nothing, and now the screen is fine.

    Not really sure as to why this worked, but hey, it worked.

  7. thank you!!!! I wish I found this link 2 hours ago. So appreciate your knowledge. Turning off the automatic graphic switching did the trick.

    many thanks

  8. Is this an issue that is attributable to some kind of design or hardware fault from the outset? meaning Apple is responsible to put right in the first place as i should not happen to such young MacBooks?

  9. I wish I could do this but my screen is clompletly grey, so I cannot see anything and therefore cannot open anything to be able to follow the instructions. I have a 6 year old Air. Anyone any ideas?

  10. I had this problem last week — didn’t find this page until after the problem was fixed!

    MacBook Pro 2015, OS 10.14.5 .

    I tried resetting the NVRam and SMC — no difference.

    I took the machine to the Apple Store. Hardware checked out normal.

    The tech finally took the laptop in the back and physically disconnected the video card, then reconnected it. And all is fine!

    If the problem recurs, I’ll try the tricks about unchecking the graphics auto-switching and starting up in safe mode. But if all else fails, get the Apple guys to physically disconnect and reconnect the video card. Worked for me!

  11. Excellent.
    But I would say .. can you put the safe mode restart first. looks like that did the magic.
    My daughter wants to marry you .. lol 🙂

  12. I removed Firefox and unchecked the “Automatically adjust brightness” box under display in system preferences. I did not have the “automatic graphics” button you spoke of in the energy saver section. As soon as I unchecked the auto adjust brightness the flickering went away.

  13. Had this problem too and finally found the solution. Some MacBook Pro’s have dual graphics cards. Mac OS switches between them depending on what kind of work you are doing, and by switching cards it saves batteries. By turning this feature off the glitching stopped. go to ‘System Settings’ and select ‘Energy Savings’. There you’ll find the checkbox, “Automatic Graphics Switching”, which is turned on by default. Uncheck the tickbox and the flickering stops.

  14. I was plagued by the screen flashing problem on a new 2018 MacBook Pro running OSX Mojave 10.14.3 with a Vega 16 graphics card. My eyesight is not so good so I’d previously scaled to 1440×900. By going to System Preferences / Display and choosing Default for Display the issue has disappeared.

    1. This also worked for me, but I had the exteranl display on “Default for Display” changed it to “Scaled” on the external display (now its 1080p instead of 720p) and this seemed to fix the MacBook Pro i9 Vega 20 from ocassionally glicching the MacBook Pro Retna display.

  15. Thank you so so so much. After following various steps which didn’t look like they were working I safe booted and everything is perfect 🙂

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