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  1. Recently while using my MacMail and Safari online for some time the system intermittently tells me “No internet connection, you’re offline”. I’m now disconnected from the internet.
    Simply switching to Google Chrome browser and I can access the internet with no problem. Switching back to Safari and still disconnected from the internet.
    The WiFi signal is strong and never indicates that I’ve ever lost the signal. It can’t be hardware or the WiFi signal, if it were Chrome wouldn’t connect to the internet.
    Any suggestions?

    Very Best Regards,
    Doug Fischer

    I have a MacBook Pro 14″
    Apple M1 Pro
    Serial # VT0F7H9WLF
    Memory -16 GB
    Mac OS Ventura -13.3.1 (22E261)
    Mac SSD – 698.28 GB available of 994.66 GB

  2. My 2010 Mac Pro computer 10.6.8 Safari is out of date. I use this Mac computer for recording music (Pro Tools, BIAB, etc.) I can do a little using Ethernet & wifi on Mac Pro computer but NOT any major downloads. A modern browser security won’t allow a connection. I’ve got a few thousand dollars invested in this setup. Have you guys come up with an APP to make these download connections possible… or something I can connect with to make a secure connection? Thanks, Steve
    Ps. Please let me know what’s possible & what you’re working on to correct this problem.

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