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  1. Just doing #8 worked for me–thank you! Now I’m wondering…will I have to do this every time? I’ll find out soon.

  2. #8 worked!
    MBPro running macOS 10.15.6

    Note: I knew about steps 1-7, which worked for another MBP a while ago.

    Thank You!

  3. I checked all the points you suggest and still My Photo Stream would not sync from my iPhone to my MacBook Air running OS Catalina.

    The fix was to open Photos, Preferences on the Mac, uncheck My Photo Stream, close Photos, re-open Photos, go to Preferences, select My Photo Stream, and now it works. Confused? I am.

  4. So sorry – I’ve tried all the measures here and it looks as though there is no problem with my Mac. In spite of this, my Photos keeps saying that it has been updated – but that simply hasn’t happened. This problem happened out of the blue. I have made no changes to explain why it should have happened. Is there an outage at your end by any chance?

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