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  1. After I click continue from the message given “ To download and restore macOS, your computer’s eligibility will be verified with Apple” After I click continue after sometime a window pops up saying “ The installer information on the recovery server is damaged “ and hence I can’t carry on the install process…. plzz any help would be great and appreciated, thank u

  2. What if it stalls after the progress bar shows the installation is complete? I read somewhere the login screen may not be visible and you should try logging in. Does it at any point ask for Apple ID and password? ? Any suggestions what to do at this point? Thanks.

  3. Omg… you think Apple could say when a internet connection is requirered to verify the mac during the install… i was starting to get worrried that i bricked my mac. Thanks for this topic with clear instructions and photos! Made my day ?

    1. They did! Your computer’s eligibility will be verified. It’s clear, plain English that ANY Apple software engineer would understand! Oh, your NOT an Apple software engineer? That’s just too bad.

      Sorry, I got caught by the exact same thing, although in my case I thought I already was on my wi-fi.

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