How to Set Up Medical ID on your iPhone

Having a medical ID set up on your phone can help first responders find your important medical information in case of an emergency. Your medical conditions and other information can be accessed from the Lock Screen of your iPhone without needing your passcode. See also: What Is Fall Detection And How To Turn It On … Read more

iPad Stuck on “Preparing Update,” Fix

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How to Scan Documents to Mac using iPhone

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iPhone Wi-Fi Connection is Slow? How to Fix

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How to Erase your Device Remotely using Find My

There may be a time when you need to erase your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch, but your device is either lost, stolen or no longer functioning properly. When your device is lost or stolen, Find My allows you to delete everything from the device remotely. This step insures the information you have stored … Read more

How to Use Apple Watch to Track your Sleep

Since the release of watchOS 7, Apple Watch users have been able to use their watches to track their sleep with the built-in Sleep feature. There are many sleep tracking apps out there; all with different features. Using a sleep tracking app can give you some pretty useful insights into your sleep. Depending on your … Read more

MagSafe Charging not Working, Fix

MagSafe is the charging technology that first became available with the iPhone 12. MagSafe is both a mounting and a charging system; it includes a magnetic component that is used to secure the iPhone to the MagSafe charger and to attach MagSafe accessories like cases. Some users have had trouble charging their iPhone 12s with … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Keypad not Working During Calls

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Not Enough Space to Transfer Backup to iPhone, Fix

When you get a new iPhone, unless it’s your first, you want to transfer all your information from your old phone. Usually this works really well and Apple’s iPhone setup is pretty easy to use. Many people use iCloud to store their files, photos and device backups. This also usually works pretty seamlessly and doesn’t … Read more