To Update This App, You Need To Accept It On The Account Page In The App Store, Fix

Several users have stated that they were unable to update certain Apple apps in the Mac App Store. From the users’ reports, it seems that attempting to update Keynote, Pages, iMovie, GarageBand, and Numbers may cause this problem. Users get this message:

Unable to update “Pages” To update this app, you need to accept it on the Account page in the App Store.

Mac App Store: Unable to update

This problem can be very annoying as it may prevent you from updating and using some of your apps. If you are having this problem, here is how you can resolve it:

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Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Mac Store app from the Dock or Finder on your Mac.
  2. Now click your name (or Sign In and then sign in to the App Store) at the bottom-left corner. This is your Mac Store account page.Mac App Store Sign In
  3. This page will show the affected apps. You may see an ‘Accept’ button next to the apps that need to be accepted in order to updated with the Mac. Click Accept. This means that you are accepting the terms and conditions of the App Store. Now try again updating your app(s). If you are still unable to do so or if you do not see the Accept button, keep following the steps below. And it seems that a low of users do not see this button.
  4. Now open Launchpad Mac by clicking the Launchpad icon on your Dock.
  5. Find the affected apps. We will remove these apps.
  6. Click and hold on the app’s icon until it jiggles.
  7. You will see the X icon in the upper-left corner of the apps. Click the X.
  8. Click Delete.
  9. Now quit Launchpad.
  10. Wait a few minutes to make sure that the deleted app removed completely.
  11. Now open the App Store again.
  12. Go to the Account page again (step #1-2).
  13. Find the affected app(s).
  14. Click Update (or the cloud download icon).
  15. The app(s) should now install without any problems.

This problem occurs because Apple made some of its apps free to macOS users. And it is possible that you may have paid some of these apps to buy in the past.  You may also experience this problem if you are using multiple Apple IDs. (see: How to delete Apple ID)

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22 thoughts on “To Update This App, You Need To Accept It On The Account Page In The App Store, Fix”

  1. I am updating a Macbook Air that is used by several people.

    So Apple is saying each time one of them wants to update the same free app that they have to delete it first and then reinstall it?!?

    That is going to cause a lot of unnecessary time wasting and wear and tear. This process sounds more like the Windoze standard.

  2. Brilliant advice. Thank you. I had the same message with Garageband it and I was going crazy.

    Your advice was awesome so thank you again Sir.

  3. I’m really pissed off. I’m using MacBook Air and have exactly the same problem. Pages don’t even launch. The update is available but the identity button you suggest is not even interactive. I also get a message that I cannot connect to Apple store but my connection is fine.


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