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  1. I am updating a Macbook Air that is used by several people.

    So Apple is saying each time one of them wants to update the same free app that they have to delete it first and then reinstall it?!?

    That is going to cause a lot of unnecessary time wasting and wear and tear. This process sounds more like the Windoze standard.

  2. Brilliant advice. Thank you. I had the same message with Garageband it and I was going crazy.

    Your advice was awesome so thank you again Sir.

  3. I’m really pissed off. I’m using MacBook Air and have exactly the same problem. Pages don’t even launch. The update is available but the identity button you suggest is not even interactive. I also get a message that I cannot connect to Apple store but my connection is fine.

  4. Hey man and thanks! But what happends to filed within the programs that I delete. I mainly think about projects in Imovie. Seems like project-files and the program itself are prety interlinked. I woulnät dare delete it.

    Ans also, whan did these apps ever cost money. Imovie, pages etc, typically free apps, isn’t it?

    Grateful for asnwer!


  5. OK so I followed your instructions up to point 13. Now iMovie is gone from my system, there is no Update button, and I’ll have to re-install it. BUT the only version available requires a later OS than I have on my computer (10.14.4) and I DON’T want to update it because I’ll lose compatibility with certain 3rd party apps. Even the download of the latest version of iMovie fails anyway. So now I have lost iMovie altogether! I should never have hit the damned Update button in the first place!

    1. Hey There Diannet,

      I just had the same issue. I did a search for iMovie on my computer and another folder for an old version (9.0.4) popped up under the applications folder. I was able to open that version of iMovie. Still can’t get the updated version to work on my iMac, but this is better than nothing. Don’t know if you figured out a solution, but if not, maybe that will help.


  6. I’ve spent six hours trying to set up this MacBook. Very disappointing. I still cannot update pages or any of the other apps.

    1. I spent 8 hours. Then had to do it all over again! Still have had problems. Not a happy camper here.

  7. Followed the instructions (of course had to go through 4. – 15.) and it worked exactly as described. Thank you very much for the guidance. Now, let’s be real. That we have to go through this crap is another sign that Apple’s original, maniacal approach to user friendliness (UI/UX) has pretty badly eroded over the last 10 years. The outside design of computers. cell phones, etc. is still outstanding, but the inside hard- and software is not so cool any longer.

    1. There is something called effort in life. If you put a little extra effort into things, you get much better results. Apple requires that. A little commitment from your end too.
      thank you for understanding

    2. I totally agree… I think I bought my last Apple product last summer…the brand-new MacBook Air I am now having problems with updates! Who has time for all this “uninstall” and then “install” again stuff before I can even get to work? Not good.

    1. yep the Mac book is difficult to navigate, not intuitive and apple want to second guess everything. It needs to be made much easier.

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