What to Do if HBO Max isn’t Working on your Apple TV

This article explains how you can fix issues with HBO Max on your Apple TV. HBO Max may not be working as expected on your Apple TV. For example, HBO Max movies or shows may not load (you may see a spinning wheel on your TV indicating loading). Sometimes you may see error messages saying “Service error” or “Something went wrong”. And lastly, it is possible that HBO Max won’t open. If you are having an issue like this, then you can use this article to troubleshoot it.

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Try the tips below. after trying the steps below, test HBO MAX to see if your issue is fixed:

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  1. Restart your Apple TV. Simply restarting your Apple TV may fix your problem. There are a few ways to restart your Apple TV. For example:
    • You can go to Settings > System > Restart.
    • Alternatively, you can unplug your Apple TV from the power source and leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds, and then plug it in again.
  2. Restart your modem and/or router. Poor or no internet connection can lead to HBO Max videos that won’t load or keep buffering. If your Internet is down, your TV won’t work. Simply restart your router and modem. You can do so by unplugging (wait 30 seconds) and then replugging both the modem and router.
  3. Check your connection. Ensure that your Apple TV has a connection to the Internet. There are a few things you can check:
    • Ensure that your Apple TV is in range of your Wi-Fi router. See this article if your Apple TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi.
    • Ensure that your router has the latest version of the firmware. If you want to update your router, you may want to review its manual or contact its manufacturer.
    • If your Apple TV is connected directly to your router, check your cables. Ensure that everything is properly and securely connected.
  4. Update your HBO Max app. It is very important to keep the app up-to-date. The latest version may fix your problem. Here is how:
    • Open the App Store app on your TV. See this if the App Store is not working.
    • In the top search bar, enter and search for HBO Max.
    • The box will say Update if there is an update.
    • After updating, the box will say Open.
  5. Reinstall the HBO Max app. Deleting and then reinstalling the app may fix your problem.
    • Go to your Home screen.
    • Highlight the HBO Max app.
    • Press and hold the Touch surface until it jiggles.
    • Press the Play/Pause button and choose Delete.
    • After deleting the app, open the App Store app on your TV and then find HBO Max and then install the app again.
  6. Update your Apple TV. Update your TV software to see if this fixes your problem. Here is how:
    • On your device, go to Settings > System > Software Updates and select Update Software. If there is an update, update your device by following the on-screen instructions.
    • Alternatively, you can turn on Automatic Updates by going to Settings > General > Software Updates. Then simply turn on Update Automatically.
  7. Can’t Verify Your Subscription. If you see an error message saying “Can’t Verify Your Subscription. It looks like your Apple TV subscription does not include HBO Max. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact your provider”. It appears that doing a password reset fixes this problem. Here is how:
    • Open a web browser on your computer or another device.
    • Visit https://play.hbomax.com/
    • Click Sign in. This will open a sign-in popup.
    • Then click Forgot password? and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are still having issues, contact HBO Max.

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4 thoughts on “What to Do if HBO Max isn’t Working on your Apple TV”

  1. You’d think that Apple would have enough leverage with HBO to get them to fix a couple of annoying things about their app. Would be so much better if it worked as well as the rest of the apps on the Apple TV. Makes me think about moving back to Chromecast with Google TV. Not really, but come on Apple, get HBO to fix their app.

  2. After using it all evening yesterday, it just quit this morning. I restarted apple tv, deleted and reinstalled the app, and still it won’t work. It’s very frustrating.

  3. This problem was introduced by an HBO MAx update. I reinstalled the app yesterday and today it does not work. The app is a total mess on Apple TV .


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