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  1. Woah this solved the problem in less than one minute!! I wish I’d seen this yesterday instead of wasting an hour trying to sort it out! THANK YOU!!

  2. Thank you! I used it in-flight (from my phone) to solve my MacBook connection problem. Totally forgot about the Google DNS servers being in my Network prefs.

  3. None of the options worked for me, but then I tried removing all the DNS I had (preferences->network->advanced->DNS->Remove (-)), then turning off and on the wifi, and log in again to the network, and worked

  4. there much easyer way deal this on your router add the ip address allow bouth ways,

    in host file add*
    regadless bouth will work on ipfire them people use such firewall address must have un filter access now what i dont understand why, my ph why must tell this address i on web or refuse to contect what informtion being sent, and recived to bouth these quistion i have awasers to i have a device that scans the network, will show me what being sent recived, it contecks between wifi and internet so u get lot information but u just want see one how much data being sent to this address and what data being sent, we know there no reason for this, that if i cant connteck to this ip wifi will refuse to work, is more less telling u we going do what we want but we people also have tools, as apple refuse give me ip address for it i found it on my network , now i want see what trafic is moveing around it, why we force to contect to this device when there no need to , not even in user agreement is it, apple, quisition is why dose apple want know when am i on the internet, and where i am as this to given to them at each hot spot conntects to, now what apple doing shall find out soon

  5. Woohoo! Serhat is a hero – this is a problem which has been bugging me for years. But it’s now solved (the second step worked for me).

    Many many thanks!

  6. That fix was working for me, but I made the mistake of upgrading to 10.15.2 and now launching Captive Network Assistant doesn’t work any more – nothing happens. Any thoughts?

  7. None of these worked for me. What did work was to connect to the public wifi network, then force this app to launch: /System/Library/CoreServices/Captive Network, which opens the captive authentication windows.

  8. It seems ludicrous that you have to through these steps to work in a hotel. It makes a Mac useless for business travel

  9. none of this worked for me. Can’t even connect to my ipad’s hot spot (or any hot spots with a landing page. . the WiFi symbol in the top right shows of for fractions of a second and disappears again. The Wifi settings show that I’m connected (showing a local IP as well as a router IP) but I’m not online. Any ideas? iOS 13.2.2

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