macReports Comment Policy

All comments that are considered SPAM content will be deleted.

macReports publishes concise, up-to-date information on Apple products and services. Providing tips, guides, tools and tutorials of the highest quality, macReports aims to help significantly improve readers’ experiences when using Apple products. Interaction with users, using the submission and publication of comments as a form of user-generated content is one of the ways macReports connects with and learns from, its readers. It is of vital importance that SPAM is kept to a minimum – or reduced as much as possible, to achieve this aim.

Comments that do not comply with our comment policy will be removed. If the policy is continually abused by the same user, the associated IP address, domain, and email address will be permanently banned.

If you have a general question directly regarding the tip, or the tutorial that we posted, please place a comment in the post. If you have a question that is specific to your Apple device then you should use our Contact page. The comments section is not the proper place in which to ask a question on a topic that is unrelated to the original post. Such questions should be asked by communicating with us using the Contact page. Any comment published that contains personal information or includes a personal question will be deleted, however, you may be contacted by macReports directly via email.

If a comment left on the blog has not been published within three business days, and the user is sure that the comment is not in violation of the rules set out in this Comment Policy, then please let macReports know through our Contact Page.

macReports Comment Policy details:

  • Comment Name / Comment Title / Commenter: Keywords may not be inserted into the name field. Full names or nicknames must be used for commenting. Comments with names that are false, but significant, usernames such as “A1 Web Design,” will be flagged as SPAM and deleted.
  • Valid Email: Users must provide an email address in order to publish a comment. Users’ email addresses are not published anywhere on macReports or on the blog. Email addresses are neither shared with nor sold to third parties. Email addresses that appear to be from SPAMming accounts will be flagged.
  • Commenting Etiquette: English is the language used to write the blog and so comments must also be written in English. macReports is a “family-friendly” website and comments that are considered to include offensive or inappropriate language will be edited or deleted. macReports is determined to be an exemplary and friendly community.
  • Add Value: A comment may be edited, moved, or deleted if: it does not provide additional depth or information to the theme of the conversation; it attempts to divert the conversation on a tangential path; or if it appears to fatally end the conversation.
  • Link Controls: macReports greatly respects the usefulness of all forms of resources but must prioritize quality assurance and the reduction of spam; towards this end, users are asked to limit links published within comments to no more than two links per comment. Comments containing more than two links will be flagged for further review. PLEASE DO NOT include a backlink to your site within your signature – these will invariably be removed.
  • Personal Affronts Are Not Permitted: macReports respects the concept of fair play, therefore using comments to initiate personal attacks on team members, other participating users, or their comments are not permitted. The content of published material or comments may be questioned or debated without the need to affront team members or other commenters. The consequences of failing to respect fellow participants could include the user being removed and access to the blog being blocked.
  • All Rights Reserved: The macReports team reserves the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments. The right to censor or restrict certain users, be they an individual or a group, from publishing comments is also reserved.
  • Responsibility for User-Generated Content: The macReports editorial staff takes no responsibility for users’ comments. The sole responsibility for the content of all comments submitted and published on macReports remains with the commenter in all cases. Upon submitting a comment to the macReports blog, the user is in agreement that they accept full responsibility for the content of their comment; this agreement upholds that macReports, its subsidiaries, and representatives will remain blameless in the case of any and all repercussions, damages, or liability the user’s comment may cause.

Please communicate any queries you may have regarding the macReports content policy using our contact page.