What Is a DMG File on Mac?

Maybe you are new to Mac, or maybe you just never stopped to learn about files with the .dmg extension. On Mac, this is the usual file type for new app downloads. This article will go over the basics of what to do with a DMG file and answer some common questions about them: Are … Read more

How to Disconnect your iPhone from your Mac

Your iPhone and Mac can work together beautifully. Your iPhone and Mac can be connected on many different levels so that you can have a seamless experience within the Apple ecosystem. For example, you can use your Mac to make calls and receive phone calls that come to your iPhone. However, you may want to … Read more

Where Do Downloads Go in Safari on iPhone or iPad?

While browsing the web using Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you can download images, documents or PDFs by tapping links on websites. When you tap a link, a popup will appear saying, “Do you want to download ‘file.name’?” When you tap the Download option, the item will be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad, … Read more

What Is This Process Running on My Mac?

Many Mac users know about Activity Monitor. In Activity Monitor, you can check which processes are using your Mac’s resources and, if necessary, kill (stop) the process. It comes in handy when you find your Mac’s fan is running loudly and your computer has slowed down. Sometimes the fix is as simple as closing a … Read more

Yes, You Can Transfer AppleCare to a New Owner

Many Apple product users wonder if their AppleCare plans can be transferred. Some may wonder if AppleCare can be transferred to another device. For example, you might ask if an AppleCare plan can be transferred from an old iPhone to the new one you just purchased. Unfortunately, no (not unless Apple has replaced a device … Read more

How to Use the Compass on Apple Watch

Apple Watch comes with the Compass app that can really be a nice feature, allowing you to navigate without carrying an extra piece of equipment. Apple Watch owners may want to know how to use the compass and also if there are any drawbacks to the Compass app. Before you rely on the compass, you … Read more

How to Know if Your iPad Has Been Backed Up

You may be wondering if your iPad has been backed up recently. For your iPad, you can either make backups using iCloud or your computer. Also, some of your apps might be using other cloud services to store your data. For example, email, such as Gmail or Exchange, will already be backed up to their … Read more