How to Right-click on a Mac Magic Mouse

Many mice come with both a right and a left button to click – but not those made by Apple. However, in macOS, there is a lot of functionality that can be easily accessed using a right-click. Right-clicking on many things in macOS will bring up a shortcut menu. In this article, we will tell … Read more

How to use Automator on Mac to Rename Files

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How to Change your Default Search Engine on iPhone

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How to Arrange CarPlay Apps

For iPhone users, most newer cars come with the ability to connect your iPhone and use Apple CarPlay. CarPlay is a great way to use Apple Maps navigation, listen to music – either Apple Music or your favorite streaming service, like Pandora, and to send and receive texts and phone calls. If you’re an Apple … Read more

How to Control Music with your AirPods

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How to Change your Apple Music Subscription

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How to Inspect Element in Safari

You can use the Inspect Element feature to view and manipulate a website’s front-end. Web developers, designers, or marketers often need to inspect web elements to debug elements, conduct layout tests, or do CSS editing like fonts, colors, etc. This article explains how to inspect web elements on the Safari browser on your Mac. The … Read more