Find & Replace Not Working in Pages on Mac

Several users have reported issues with the Find and Replace feature in the Pages app on the Mac. Users have said the feature is not working as expected. These problems are reported by our uses: The “Find” and “Find & Replace” do not find text such as words, numbers, phrases etc, even when content you … Read more

Safari Says No Space Left on Device, How to Fix

Some Mac users have said that they run into a Safari error message saying “Safari Can’t Open the Page. Safari can’t open the page. The error is: ‘The operation couldn’t be completed. No space left on device.’ “ Even though the error message says “no space left”, users have said that there is plenty of … Read more

Monterey Mail Search Not Working? How to Fix

Several users who updated to macOS Monterey have said that Mail search is not working or the search results don’t appear as expected. You can search your emails to find a specific message in your inbox. On your Mac, you can do mail searchers in Mail or from the Spotlight app. In this article, I … Read more

Mac Slows Down and Freezes When Connected to the Internet

Several users have said that the Mac slows down and freezes when it is connected to the Internet. Users have said that the Mac functions as expected when the Internet is disconnected. And users have stated that this issue occurs when they use Wi-Fi, Personal Hotspot, or Ethernet to connect to the internet. From the … Read more

Last Line No Longer Available Error on iPhone, Fix

Some iPhone users have said that they keep seeing an error message saying “Last line no longer available. Do you want to call using your remaining line?” (see the screenshot below). A message saying “last used:”” (unavailable)” also appears under the contact name. This message appears when a user wants to make a call from … Read more

QuickTime Says Recording Stopped, How to Fix

Some users have complained that the QuickTime recording stops randomly and unexpectedly for no apparent reason. You can use QuickTime to record movies and videos. You can also make a video recording of your Mac screen. I frequently use QuickTime. It is a very useful Mac app. This error will prevent you from saving your … Read more