USB, External, Microphone not Working on Mac

Microphone not working

This article explains what you can do if your USB (external) microphone is not working properly on your Mac. We previously explained what you can do when you are unable to use your built-in microphone. Common USB microphone problems you may experience on your Mac include: USB microphone is not recognized or detected when plugged … Read more

How to Automatically Empty Trash on Mac

Empty Trash Mac

On your Mac, you can delete files, folders, apps by dragging them to the Trash or pressing the Command-Delete keys. But they are not actually deleted yet. These files continue to take up hard disk space. And after a period of time, your Trash folder size may become quite large. Emptying the Trash is an … Read more

Links are not Working in Safari on Mac, Fix

Safari links

This article explains what you can do if you are unable to open website links in Safari on your Mac. Ideally, any links you click will open. However, sometimes, you may experience an issue where nothing happens when a link is clicked. And if you cannot open websites by clicking links, you will not be … Read more

What is Lost Mode?

Lost Mode

Lost Mode is a feature on Apple products: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple Watch, that allows you to remotely lock your device. So, for example, if you can’t find your iPhone and you are worried it could be in a public place somewhere, you can use Lost Mode to lock the device so … Read more

Continuity Camera Not Working, Fix

Continuity Camera

Several users have reported that they are unable to use the Continuity Camera feature on the Mac. Continuity Camera lets users use the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch’s camera to scan documents or snap photos and send them directly into apps on the Mac. However, it appears that some users are having issues with Continuity … Read more

Wi-Fi Says Not Configured on Mac, Fix

Several Mac users have reported that they can’t connect to Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi appears to be disabled. Users are experiencing these issues: An X in the Wi-Fi menu’s icon in the menu bar appears. The Wi-Fi icon is also grayed out. When the Wi-Fi icon is clicked, the dropdown menu says “Wi-Fi: Not Configured”. This … Read more

Wi-Fi Password Sharing Not Working, How to Fix

Several users have said that the wireless Wi-Fi password sharing feature is not working as expected. Users have reported these problems: When attempted to share a password, an error message appears saying “Password Not Shared. There was a problem sharing your Wi-Fi password.” The Share Password popup window (set up animation) does not appear. Tapping … Read more