Wi-Fi Says Not Configured on Mac, Fix

Several Mac users have reported that they can’t connect to Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi appears to be disabled. Users are experiencing these issues: An X in the Wi-Fi menu’s icon in the menu bar appears. The Wi-Fi icon is also grayed out. When the Wi-Fi icon is clicked, the dropdown menu says “Wi-Fi: Not Configured”. This … Read more

iPad Says Location Cannot Be Determined, Fix

Some users have said that they see a popup message saying “Current location not available, your current location cannot be determined at this time” when they want to use Location Services. This error message indicates that Location Services on your iPad is not working and it is important to fix this issue because some apps … Read more

Apple Watch Unable to Check for Update Error, Fix

Several users have reported that they see an error message saying “Unable to Check for Update,Checking for a software update failed because you are not connected to the Internet”. Users have further said that: they experience this issue while setting up the Apple Watch after pairing. The issue occurs even when they have a Wi-Fi … Read more

Apple Music Shows a Blank Page on Mac, Fix

If you cannot load the content in Apple Music on your Mac, you won’t be able to use Apple Music. This issue is reported by many users. More specifically, the issue is that Apple Music displays a blank or empty page, meaning nothing is displayed when the “Listen Now”, “Browse” or “Radio” options are clicked, … Read more

Videos Stuck on ‘Preparing Video’, Fix

Several users have reported that they are unable to view or edit their videos using the Photos app or the Camera app on the iPhone or iPad. More specifically, users have said that their videos are stuck on “Preparing Video” along with a clock-like progress bar when they attempt to edit them. Some users have … Read more

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Preparing

Apple Watch updates usually go smoothly. Sometimes, however, they may get stuck. A common problem is that the Apple Watch displays a message saying “Preparing…” with a progress bar but the watch does not complete the update process. When the screen says “Preparing” generally means, as the message implies, your watch is preparing the watchOS … Read more

Mac Ethernet Not Working? How to Fix

This article explains how you can troubleshoot when your wired ethernet connection is not working on your Mac. Sometimes you may experience that your Wi-Fi connection is working properly, but still, you may not connect your Mac to the internet using Ethernet. Likewise, you may experience that your Mac’s Ethernet ports may not be working … Read more