How to Turn Off Notifications on Apple Watch, Not on iPhone

Receiving notifications on your Apple Watch can be very convenient…when you want to see those notifications. If you are receiving unwanted notifications on your Apple Watch, you may find that it is much more intrusive than just getting them on your iPhone. Fortunately, the settings for Apple Watch notifications are separate from your iPhone’s. In … Read more

How to Block a Channel in Apple News

One of the nice things about using a news reader is the ability to customize it. In the Apple News app, you can choose to follow certain topics or channels, and if you don’t like a particular channel, you can block it. Also, if you like or dislike a specific story, you can tell Apple … Read more

How to Connect a Mac to a TV Using HDMI

Many Apple product users like using AirPlay to stream media content to their televisions, often using an iPhone to stream to an Apple TV. If you want to mirror your Mac’s screen to your television, you can also use AirPlay to do this (along with an Apple TV, other streaming devices like Roku, or directly … Read more

How to Use Your MacBook in Clamshell Mode

Many like the convenience and portability of a MacBook but prefer to have a larger screen when doing real work. Using an external monitor lets you have the best of both worlds. There are many different ways to set up your workstation; some may prefer to use both the external monitor and their MacBook screen … Read more

How to Suppress Background Noise in Zoom on Mac

Even though many have gone back to the office, Zoom meetings are still a regular part of many people’s work week. Especially if you are working from home, background noises can be a distraction for others in the meeting. In a pinch, you can always mute your mic, but that is inconvenient, and if you … Read more