Wi-Fi Password Sharing Not Working, How to Fix

Several users have said that the wireless Wi-Fi password sharing feature is not working as expected. Users have reported these problems: When attempted to share a password, an error message appears saying “Password Not Shared. There was a problem sharing your Wi-Fi password.” The Share Password popup window (set up animation) does not appear. Tapping … Read more

Visual Voicemail is Currently Unavailable, How to Fix

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Apple Watch ECG Not Working? How to Fix

Several users have reported they are unable to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) using the ECG app on the Apple Watch. ECG is also called EGK. There may be a few reasons why the Apple Watch ECG feature is not working. This article explains how you can fix this problem. Please try the steps below. Make … Read more

Does your iPhone’s Screen Keep Dimming? How to Fix

Several users have reported that the iPhone’s brightness keeps dimming on its own. your iPhone’s screen is designed to adapt to different lighting conditions. Your iPhone has an ambient light sensor. This sensor detects the light conditions around you and automatically adjusts your display if auto-brightness is enabled, which is on by default. However, users … Read more

Wi-Fi is Off and Won’t Turn On Mac, Fix

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How to Fix HDCP Error on Apple TV

Sometimes, Apple TV users may see an error like: This content requires HDCP for playback This video can’t be played Oh no error such as Oh no! Something went wrong (you may see this especially if you are trying to use AirPlay) This can be something you see right after connecting up all your components … Read more

Could not Connect to “Apple TV”, Fix

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