How to Change Your Home Screen Wallpaper in iOS 16

A few things have changed in iOS 16. One of the major ones is the customizable Lock Screen for your iPhone. Along with the Lock Screen changes have come changes to the way you set a wallpaper or background for your iPhone Home Screen. In iOS 16, the Lock Screen and Home Screen options are … Read more

How to Use Live Captions in FaceTime

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How to Customize Your iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

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How to Change Mac User Login Image to a Memoji

You may be getting tired of using the default image (the gingerbread man, maybe a snowflake). You can change your user login image on your Mac; you can choose from a Memoji, an emoji, a monogram, a photo or another one of macOS’s default images. In this article, we will tell you how you can … Read more

Messages Indexing Error in the Messages App, Fix

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What Is a DMG File on Mac?

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How to Disconnect your iPhone from your Mac

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