How to Download an Apple iPhone User Guide

Many who are new to iPhone may want to have a user manual. Back in the day, everything came with a user manual, and some products still do; however, these days, Apple devices and most other computer and mobile devices do not come with a physical guide. There are some options for those wanting a … Read more

Yes, You Can Transfer AppleCare to a New Owner

Many Apple product users wonder if their AppleCare plans can be transferred. Some may wonder if AppleCare can be transferred to another device. For example, you might ask if an AppleCare plan can be transferred from an old iPhone to the new one you just purchased. Unfortunately, no (not unless Apple has replaced a device … Read more

How to Quickly Take a Video on iPhone

When you see something happening, and you want to start recording it as quickly as possible, it can take far too much time to go through the usual process of unlocking your phone, selecting the Camera app, switching to Video mode, then finally pressing the record (Shutter) button. Using QuickTake is the fastest way to … Read more

How to Use the Compass on Apple Watch

Apple Watch comes with the Compass app that can really be a nice feature, allowing you to navigate without carrying an extra piece of equipment. Apple Watch owners may want to know how to use the compass and also if there are any drawbacks to the Compass app. Before you rely on the compass, you … Read more

How to Fix ‘Slack Is Trying to Add a New Helper Tool’

If you have Slack installed on your Mac, you may have run into the problem of having a very annoying and persistent popup asking for permission to add a helper tool. For those users experiencing this issue, the popup will reappear even after entering a password and clicking on Add Helper or clicking on Cancel. … Read more