How to Disconnect your iPhone from your Mac

Your iPhone and Mac can work together beautifully. Your iPhone and Mac can be connected on many different levels so that you can have a seamless experience within the Apple ecosystem. For example, you can use your Mac to make calls and receive phone calls that come to your iPhone. However, you may want to … Read more

iCloud Drive is Loading, How to Fix

Some users have reported that iCloud Drive is stuck on loading and never actually loads. More specifically, users have said that they see an “iCloud Drive is loading…” error message when they want to browse their iCloud Drive content in the Files app, as you can see in the screenshot below: You may run into … Read more

Where Do Downloads Go in Safari on iPhone or iPad?

While browsing the web using Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you can download images, documents or PDFs by tapping links on websites. When you tap a link, a popup will appear saying, “Do you want to download ‘’?” When you tap the Download option, the item will be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad, … Read more

Apple Products Filed in Regulatory Database

Apple has filed iPad models, published today, in the Eurasian Economic Commission database ahead of the 9/7 event. Unfortunately, listings only mention vague descriptions, in this case, “tablet,” of the products; however, we can guess that the filings likely represent the rumored 10th-generation low-cost iPad, iPad Pro and potentially more. The 22 iPad models have … Read more

How to Disable ‘Notify Anyway’ on iPhone, iPad

If you have a Focus option (Do Not Disturb, Sleep, Driving, etc.) enabled, other people who want to send you an iMessage with the Messages app will see a notification saying, “[name] has notifications silenced” with a crescent moon icon. However, they won’t see which Focus mode you enabled. This notification informs others that you … Read more

How to Fix ‘Payment Not Completed’ Error

Sometimes you may see an error message saying, “Payment Not Completed” with a red exclamation mark when you attempt to make a payment on your iPhone. More specifically, according to user reports, you may see this message when: You want to download a free app, update an app or purchase a paid app from the … Read more

What Is This Process Running on My Mac?

Many Mac users know about Activity Monitor. In Activity Monitor, you can check which processes are using your Mac’s resources and, if necessary, kill (stop) the process. It comes in handy when you find your Mac’s fan is running loudly and your computer has slowed down. Sometimes the fix is as simple as closing a … Read more