Apple Adds More Drivers to Its Autonomous Vehicle Program

We have the latest numbers on autonomous vehicle programs from the California DMV. Apple has added 10 drivers to its team. Since our last report in late January, many of the top manufacturers have added drivers to their teams. Some have also added vehicles to their autonomous fleets. A notable exception is Waymo, which has … Read more

Apple Adds 23 More Drivers to its Autonomous Vehicle Fleet; Still no Driverless Permits; Crash Reports

We have the latest numbers from all the major manufacturers of autonomous vehicle technology in California. Since our last report in September, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ latest data, we have seen many of the manufacturers increase both the size of their autonomous fleet, and the size of their driving team. Apple … Read more

Apple Adds More Drivers to its Autonomous Vehicle Program; Now 114 Drivers

There are many manufacturers currently developing their own autonomous, or self-driving, technology. Since 2014, California has had an autonomous vehicle testing program; Manufacturers must obtain permits for both their cars and their drivers, from the California DMV. We have been following Apple’s self-driving program for years now, and have reported many times on the changing … Read more

Apple Increases its Number of Self-driving Car Drivers

After almost a year later, Apple has again increased the number of drivers for its fleet of autonomous test vehicles. We have been closely monitoring the numbers. Autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars, are vehicles that can sense the environment and “drive” themselves without (or with little) help from a human driver. In our last report … Read more

Apple Increases Its Number Of Self-driving Car Drivers

Apple has slightly increased the number of test drivers, although the total number of vehicles remains the same. According to new data from the California DMV, Apple now has a total of 66 self-driving cars and 149 certified drivers on the road. This is an increase in drivers since our last report in September, when … Read more