Help! My Dog Ate my AirPods

Everyone who has had a dog knows that they may occasionally destroy your stuff. This is especially true with puppies. Dogs are very interested in certain items that people wear such as shoes, glasses and headphones or earphones. It is also true that keeping all of your stuff safe, all of the time, is pretty … Read more

Can’t Transfer Photos or Videos from iPhone / iPad to Windows Computer? How to Fix

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How to Use Split View in Safari on iPad

The Split View feature allows you to see two websites at the same time on your iPad. This article explains how you can use this feature to split your iPad screen so that you can see two Safari browser windows side by side. By using, I mean that how you can: enter and exit Split … Read more

iPhone Wi-Fi Connection is Slow? How to Fix

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iPad Air Blank Screen Issue: Free Repairs

Apple issued a Service Program for iPad Air (3rd gen) back in March 2020. The issue is that, with the affected iPad Airs, the screen goes blank. Permanently blank. Fortunately, if you have one of these iPads, you can get yours serviced, free of charge. Depending on when you purchased your iPad, you may have … Read more

How to Boot in Single-user Mode or Verbose Mode in macOS

There are different special start-up modes that your Mac can be powered into. These modes can be used to troubleshoot various Mac problems. Advanced users may use these modes. Single user mode enables a single superuser and loads directly into the command line of Mac OS. There is no graphical shell. Verbose mode displays text … Read more

Wi-Fi Not Working after Big Sur Upgrade

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