What is Scheduled Summary on iPhone?

Since the introduction of iOS/iPadOS 15, you can schedule summaries for notifications on your iPhone or iPad. The notifications summary allows you to view your notifications when you choose, not when the notifications come in. This helps you focus by preventing the distraction of receiving not-so-urgent notifications at any time. And, being able to view … Read more

How to Turn Off iPad Left Behind Notification

You may be getting left behind notifications for one or more of your devices. For many people, they receive this notification for an iPad. After all, most people keep their iPhones with them; but iPads are often left behind somewhere. Usually, when you leave your iPad behind, it is intentional; you may leave your iPad … Read more

Why Are The Recent Calls on My iPhone Red?

Recently, when I went to look at Recents on my iPhone, I couldn’t find my most recent calls. At the time, I was busy, and so I simply went to my Contacts and made the call from there. Later the same day, same story: I couldn’t find my calls under Recents; I was annoyed but … Read more