Why Are The Recent Calls on My iPhone Red?

Recently, when I went to look at Recents on my iPhone, I couldn’t find my most recent calls. At the time, I was busy, and so I simply went to my Contacts and made the call from there. Later the same day, same story: I couldn’t find my calls under Recents; I was annoyed but … Read more

iPhone 12 Overheating? Here is How to Fix

Some iPhone 12 users have said that their iPhone is overheating. When your iPhone overheats, you may also experience one of the following behaviors: Your iPhone’s brightness will be reduced (by itself). Your phone’s battery will drain faster than usual. The screen or back of the device feels hot when you touch it. Your device … Read more

What is Draining my iPhone or iPad Battery?

Many iPhone (and iPad) users will experience their device’s battery mysteriously losing charge. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Recently, iPhone users have been complaining about their devices quickly losing charge after updating to iOS 15.4; these complaints can be common after updates. In this article, we will give you a way to … Read more