Pinch-to-Zoom Not Working on iPhone, Fix

Some users have said that their iPhone exhibits one or more of the following behaviors: Pinch-to-zoom is not working properly – meaning that when users try to use their fingers to pinch-to-zoom, nothing happens. Their screen does not respond, thus they are unable to zoom in or zoom out. Using a pinch-to-zoom gesture is causing … Read more

Last Line No Longer Available Error on iPhone, Fix

Some iPhone users have said that they keep seeing an error message saying “Last line no longer available. Do you want to call using your remaining line?” (see the screenshot below). A message saying “last used:”” (unavailable)” also appears under the contact name. This message appears when a user wants to make a call from … Read more

How to Use iPhone Camera Modes when Taking Photos

If you’re like many people, you use your iPhone camera often – but you haven’t explored all of the various modes and effects available. The different iPhone camera modes and lighting effects can help you take excellent photos. In this article, we will go over the basic modes and lighting effects; We won’t cover all … Read more

iPhone / iPad Popup Says Unable to Download Item, Fix

Several users have said that a popup saying “Unable to Download Item, please try again later” keeps appearing on the iPhone or iPad. The error message also contains “Done” and “Retry” button options. It appears that this message appears randomly and, many times, repeatedly. You can see the error screen below: The message indicates that … Read more

How to Set Up Apple Cash Family

For members of your Family Sharing group that are under 18 years old, you can set them up with Apple Cash using Apple Cash Family. Kids and teens can make purchases, and send and receive money using Messages. You will have some control over the purchases your child makes; You can receive notifications when your … Read more