How to Find and Delete Empty Folders on Mac

You may have a lot of empty folders on your Mac. If you want to tidy up your Mac, finding and deleting these empty folders is an easy process. Sometimes you may create these folders and forget about them, and sometimes the apps you install create and leave them behind. The empty folders take up … Read more

Storage System Verify or Repair Failed, How to Fix

Some users are having trouble updating their Mac to the latest version of macOS. When they attempt to update their device, macOS Update Assistant says “Storage system verify or repair failed.” You can see the error message below: Sometimes the error message may show a different screen, but basically shows the same message with some … Read more

How to Stop Mac from Requiring Password at Login

Does your Mac keep asking for your computer password after you wake it up? By default, your Mac will ask you to log in with your password after restarting, waking from sleep, or dismissing your screen saver. A password-protected computer is a good idea for security-related reasons. However, you may want your Mac to stop … Read more

Mac Slows Down and Freezes When Connected to the Internet

Several users have said that the Mac slows down and freezes when it is connected to the Internet. Users have said that the Mac functions as expected when the Internet is disconnected. And users have stated that this issue occurs when they use Wi-Fi, Personal Hotspot, or Ethernet to connect to the internet. From the … Read more

What is the Services Menu in macOS?

You may or may not have noticed a menu option for apps in macOS called Services. Services is something that will let you use a feature from another app – without having to open that app. So essentially, it is a way to access shortcuts that will allow you to do small tasks quickly. You … Read more