How to Delete on Mac

There are various ways to delete stuff on your Mac. You can delete items, files, folders, or texts. This article explains all the ways you can delete. Delete files and folders Deleting files or folders you no longer need involves putting them in the Trash can and your stuff is not deleted until the Trash … Read more

How to Deal with Junk Mail on your Mac

Mac Junk Mail

Most people have to deal with unwanted, unsolicited email appearing in their Inbox. These come in a variety of forms; everything from scammers trying to lure you with promises of very large sums of money – you know, “Dearest Beloved, blah blah, I have $45 million …” – to unwanted messages from some store that … Read more

How to Add or Delete Calendars on Mac

You can add calendars to the Apple Calendar app and use a different calendar for work, school, social, etc. The Calendar app allows you to view multiple calendars at once; the events of each calendar are shown in that calendar’s color. This is a nice way to visually discern what types of events you have … Read more

What is VoiceOver?

VoiceOver is a screen reader, and so, it describes the contents of the screen out loud. It is a built-in feature of Apple’s Mac, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Apple Watch. VoiceOver was designed as an accessibility feature for users who are visually impaired and for users who have dyslexia. VoiceOver on Mac How to Turn … Read more

Your Screen is Being Observed on Mac, Fix

Several users have said that they see a warning message saying “your screen is being observed” on the Mac. It seems that this message may appear on Mac’s Lock screen, the screen you see before logging into the Mac. You may also see an “overlapping squares” icon in the Apple status Menu Bar. This icon … Read more

Administrator Password Not Working on Mac? Fix

Several users have reported that they are unable to enter the administrator (admin) password on the Mac because the password is not accepted anymore. In this article, we explain how you can troubleshoot if your admin password is not working on your Mac. Users have stated that after entering their password, the password box shakes … Read more

The File Can’t Be Found, Fix

Several users have said that they receive an error message saying “the file can’t be found” on their Mac. It further appears that this popup appears when they connect a device (iPhone, iPad, or another device such as a camera) to the Mac using a USB or USB-C cable. And lastly, users have said that … Read more