How to Change Mac User Login Image to a Memoji

You may be getting tired of using the default image (the gingerbread man, maybe a snowflake). You can change your user login image on your Mac; you can choose from a Memoji, an emoji, a monogram, a photo or another one of macOS’s default images. In this article, we will tell you how you can … Read more

What Is a DMG File on Mac?

Maybe you are new to Mac, or maybe you just never stopped to learn about files with the .dmg extension. On Mac, this is the usual file type for new app downloads. This article will go over the basics of what to do with a DMG file and answer some common questions about them: Are … Read more

What Is This Process Running on My Mac?

Many Mac users know about Activity Monitor. In Activity Monitor, you can check which processes are using your Mac’s resources and, if necessary, kill (stop) the process. It comes in handy when you find your Mac’s fan is running loudly and your computer has slowed down. Sometimes the fix is as simple as closing a … Read more

Updated Time Zone Information Available, Fix

Sometimes you may see a popup message appear on your Mac saying, “Updated Time Zone Information Available. Restart to apply new time zone definitions.” You may wonder why you are seeing this message and if there is anything wrong with your Mac. It is important to correct this problem as wrong time zone information may … Read more

Exchange Calendar Sync Not Working in macOS Monterey

Some users have run into problems using Exchange calendars in the Calendar app on their Mac. The problem is that their Exchange calendar is not syncing properly. For example, calendar events are not synced automatically. The problem mostly occurs with users who are using the Office 365 service. Ideally, when you set up Apple Calendar … Read more

How to Make your Mac Show File Extensions

Your Mac has a neat setting that allows you to configure macOS to show all common filename extensions, such as .txt, .docx, or .jpg. This setting will let you differentiate what type of file you have and what app you can use to open it. File extensions are generally three or four characters long and … Read more