Apple Keeps Increasing Its Test Vehicles: 62 Vehicles

Just two weeks ago, we broke the news that Apple has 55 autonomous vehicles on the streets of California. Today we learned that Apple has now 62 vehicles and 87 drivers, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It seems Apple is aggressively developing its self-driving technology. Current list: # of vehicles approved: … Read more

Apple, Again, Grows Its California Self-driving Fleet, It Has the Second Biggest Fleet (Updated)

It seems that Apple grows its fleet of self-driving test cars. Apple has, again, expanded Its fleet of autonomous cars in California. Apple Apple now has 55 vehicles and 83 drivers under its permit to test autonomous vehicles, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said in an emailed response to questions. Apple originally registered … Read more

Apple and DMV Have Met Four Times since 2015

Apple executives and senior California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) officials have met a total of four times since 2015, macReports learned via documents requested pursuant to the Public Records Act. The main focus of these meetings was autonomous vehicles. The first meeting was on 17 August, 2015. This was first reported by Guardian. This was … Read more

DMV Officials Met With Apple Last April (Exclusive)

California DMV executives requested a meeting with Apple on March 16, 2018. The meeting was held on April 2, 2018, macReports learned via documents requested pursuant to the Public Records Act. This is particularly interesting because the meeting request came from DMV, not Apple. The meeting was requested by Bernard Soriano (Deputy Director – DMV). … Read more

Apple’s Autonomous Car Application

We submitted a Public Record Act (PRA) request for the application. And we got it. Here it is. Autonomous Vehicle Tester (AVT) Program Application for Manufacturer's Testing Permit by Mikey Campbell on Scribd We redacted some personal information such as the VIN numbers etc.

Turkey asked FBI & Apple For Help

On 19 December 2016, Andrei Karlov’s, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, was assassinated by Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, an off-duty Turkish policeman. An iPhone 4s device was recovered from the killer. Turkish authorities has not successfully accessed the data stored on Karlov’s iPhone. A government source told us that Turkey has officially requested Apple’s assistance. An official … Read more

Turkey Bans Uber

The Turkish government has ordered a ban on the Uber taxi service in Turkey because the Government said Uber has been offering an illegal taxi service rather than a ridesharing programme. MacReports obtained a copy of the order and confirmed its authenticity. Furthermore, the Uber drivers and passengers in Turkey will face stiff penalties.  To stop the Uber services, the … Read more

Turkey & Russia Want to Unlock iPhone of Russian Ambassador’s Killer (Updated)

On December 19, Andrei Karlov, the ambassador to Turkey, was killed in Ankara by an off-duty police officer in a terrorist attack, as the ambassador gave a speech at an art gallery in Ankara. The killer bypassed the security checks by showing his police ID, pretending that he was Karlov’s official bodyguard . The shooter was killed by Turkish special … Read more

Lufthansa Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Lufthansa has banned passengers from using or charging Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to concerns that their batteries could explode. A Lufthansa spokesperson told us: Lufthansa prohibits the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board its aircraft for security reasons. The phone has to be completely switched off and may not be charged. This was … Read more