How to Quickly Take a Video on iPhone

When you see something happening, and you want to start recording it as quickly as possible, it can take far too much time to go through the usual process of unlocking your phone, selecting the Camera app, switching to Video mode, then finally pressing the record (Shutter) button. Using QuickTake is the fastest way to … Read more

Is iPhone Camera Blurry? How to Fix

Several users have complained that their iPhone has started taking blurry photos or videos. More specifically, the photos or videos taken by the iPhone are blurry, out of focus, unclear, and overall bad. A similar issue is that the iPhone Camera is showing blurry images while trying to use FaceTime, Zoom, or similar video apps. … Read more

Camera not Working after iOS 14 Update

Some users are reporting that their cameras have stopped working after updating to iOS 14. This problem seems to especially afflict iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s users. The problem is described as the camera not loading, or the camera only rarely functioning. Also, users report their flashlight is not working. See also: How to Download … Read more

Mac Camera Not Working, Fix

Most Mac models include built-in cameras. In fact, all Mac laptops, namely MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, come with a built-in iSight, FaceTime, or FaceTime HD camera. Cameras are an important part of computers. For example, using your camera, you can record videos, make conference FaceTime calls, record lectures, or you may not be able … Read more

How To Fix Freezing and Lagging When Recording Videos on iPhone

This article explains how you can fix the iPhone video freezing problem. Several users have reported that video recordings freeze or lag while using the built-in camera app and these occur almost randomly. This can be very frustrating because when this happens, your video recording will stop. Users further reported that sometimes video freezes with … Read more