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  1. I just upgraded to Mac OS Ventura 13.3.1 and immediately upon opening received the message saying “”MacDraft Pro” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the trash.” Naturally, none of my files will open and I receive the same message. How do I or you fix this? thank you. [email protected]

  2. In my case the problem turned out to be trivial – Google Chrome was configured to use another camera which once had been connected. Confusingly, it was still turning on the Mac’s built-in camera.

  3. Got a workaround (for me at least), if not an answer:
    1. Go to the meeting (Chrome/Meet) using the duff camera (don’t join yet)
    2. Copy meeting link
    3. Launch a different browser (tested with Firefox and Safari)
    4. Paste in the meeting link
    5. On the join page just select the duff camera
    6. Hey presto hopefully

    It seems to kind of unblock the camera for Chrome. You don’t even need to actually join on either browser.

    The effect doesn’t last — the camera will fail again if you turn it off and back on (in Chrome/Meet), or swap to another and back (in Chrome/Meet).

    But… If you just keep the join meeting page open in the other browser (Firefox/Safari) you can refresh it there as often as you need and the camera in Chrome/Meet will start working again. And just to stress the point, you don’t have to actually join in the other browser.


  4. I’m having exactly the same issue. The camera was working in Vivaldi, but just today that stopped as well, so would this mean that the problem not to do with MacOS but perhaps tied in to a Chromium issue?

  5. Hi. In google meet our camera has stopped working for everyone else but they can hear us. We can see ourselves and everyone else fine. I’ve been in touch with Apple who say no issues with the iMac but it a 2007 running OS X EL Capitan. There are no software updates required and we have checked the camera is elsewhere and it is fine on FaceTime both both parties so not a hardware issue. We have checked the camera is allowed in google setting and removed hardware acceleration. Any ideas?

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