How to Use an External Storage Drive with your iPad

Back in 2019, Apple released iOS/iPadOS 13 which included support for external drives and storage devices for iPhone and iPad. Through the Files app, you can access and manage files on a USB drive, SD card or a hard drive. The Files app also allows you to create and manage files and folders on your … Read more

FaceTime Crashing on iPad Air, Fix

Several iPad Air users have said the FaceTime app crashes during a call. By crashing, it means that FaceTime quits unexpectedly. Some users have said that FaceTime suddenly started crashing after updating to the latest version of iPadOS on your device. Some users have further said that FaceTime crashes after several minutes of use. See … Read more

iPad Air Blank Screen Issue: Free Repairs

Apple issued a Service Program for iPad Air (3rd gen) back in March 2020. The issue is that, with the affected iPad Airs, the screen goes blank. Permanently blank. Fortunately, if you have one of these iPads, you can get yours serviced, free of charge. Depending on when you purchased your iPad, you may have … Read more

How to Use Apple Pencil: Tips & Troubleshooting

Apple pencils allow you to draw, take notes and mark up documents on your iPad. Although there are many different styluses out there to choose from, many people prefer Apple’s own stylus because of the quality, features and convenience. There are two different versions of the Apple Pencil: Apple Pencil 1 (Apple Pencil, 1st gen) … Read more

Split Screen on iPad: How to Open and Close Apps

On your iPad you can open two different apps at the same time, side-by-side. You can even open two windows of the same app, such as two separate Safari windows. This feature is called Split View by Apple. You may be wondering how to open two such windows, or maybe you already know how to … Read more

iPhone or iPad Bluetooth not Working? How to Fix

Are you noticing unexpected Bluetooth behavior? Bluetooth is great when it works. You may experience connecting or pairing issues when you want to connect your car, Apple Watch, or Bluetooth accessory (wireless headphones, keyboards, speakers, etc) to your iPhone or iPad. This article explains how you can troubleshoot your Bluetooth issues on iOS or iPadOS your … Read more

How to Clean your iPad Screen

Is your screen dirty and you want to clean it? This article explains how you can thoroughly clean your iPad’s touchscreen. It is very important you follow certain guidelines for cleaning your iPad’s display. Regular cleaning is essential. And sometimes you may want to disinfect your iPad. It is also important that you should keep your iPad … Read more